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Cleveland re-elected as Chicago GOP Chairman



1377275_10201873330090401_1070987403_nCHICAGO – Chris Cleveland, Chicago's 43rd Ward Republican Committeeman, was re-elected Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party Tuesday night. The Republican ward committeemen in Chicago gathered in a conference room of a Loop law firm to select a chairman for a four-year term.

Cleveland won easily with 94% of the weighted vote, up from 74% when he was first elected a year ago to fill the unexpired term of his predecessor Adam Robinson.

The committeemen were met on their way in by a few protesters unhappy about Cleveland's part in last week's cleansing of thirteen Chicago precinct committeemen that had voted in Democrat primaries over the past eight years.

Cleveland is credited with revitalizing the Party over the last few years, having led a team that recruited candidates across the city, raised money, and supported Governor Rauner's effort to raise the Republican vote in Chicago in his successful 2014 campaign.

At a recent gathering of Northwest Suburban Republicans, Cleveland introduced his friend from college days, presidential candidate U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, with these words:

I'm Chris Cleveland, Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party.

Tonight I'm honored to introduce my friend Senator Ted Cruz.

You've heard quite a few things about the candidates, and no doubt you know a lot about Ted Cruz. I'd like to offer you a more personal perspective on the man I have known for almost 20 years.

We met through friends who enjoyed getting together to discuss politics and policy. Back then, we were a good deal younger and ready to save the world.

Years ago, when we talked politics, Ted always spoke in terms of core conservative values. The niggling policy questions of the day were different, but the values that animated his positions were not.

In 20 years, he hasn't changed.

Today we have families. I spend the day on Wednesday at events with his wife Heidi, and my wife took our son Sam, who is seven, and Ted and Heidi's children Caroline and Catherine, who are seven and five, to the zoo, where they spent the day joyfully climbing on things they weren't supposed to climb on.

Ted, Heidi, Caroline and Catherine are good and decent people. Heidi is one of the most gracious women I’ve ever met. In the heat of an election, particularly this election, we sometimes forget that decency matters. When they get to the White House, the Cruz family will make us proud.

Ted Cruz has a commitment to the broad principles of a good society. Liberty, limited government, and an understanding that the American experiment in self-government continues. It's a lifelong commitment to the constitution, democracy, faith, righteousness, and the love of unseen things that do not die.

I've not met another American politician who has a clearer understanding of these things. Only one springs to mind. Ronald Reagan understood.

It matters because the next president will confront issues that we cannot yet see coming down the road. And when they come around the bend, we must know how the president will react. With Ted Cruz, that's easy. His thinking is clear and consistent. And he does what he says he will do.

Just as he spoke of these core principles 20 years ago, he will speak of them 20 years from now. And just as we Americans spoke of these principles 200 years ago, we will still be able to speak of the them 200 years from now, if we chose our leaders wisely.

Ted Cruz is such a leader, and we will make such a choice, for he is America's best hope.

And it's funny to say it, but I think we're both still ready to save the world.



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