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Dold releases first ad against Schneider



Lake Bluff, Ill. – The Dold for Congress campaign today announced the debut of its first ad.  “Dishonest Politician” addresses how Brad Schneider lost the trust of 10th District voters for his blatant and shameless flip-flop on the Iran deal.

“If anyone thought Brad Schneider learned his lesson after getting fired for amassing a record defined by incompetence, dishonesty and blatant partisanship, you’d be wrong.  Schneider’s stunning betrayal of his promise to oppose a deal – that he even admitted green lights Iran's nuclear weapons program and gives a ‘cash infusion’ to terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah –demonstrates once and for all that he's every bit the desperate politician 10th District voters thought he was,” said Danielle Hagen, spokeswoman for Dold for Congress.

Bob Dold lead the fight against the 2015 Nuclear Agreement with Iran—the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism – along with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), to oppose the nuclear deal that poses a grave threat to America’s security.

While bipartisan members of Congress teamed up against the Iran pact, politician Brad Schneider remained silent. After weeks of dodging public calls from Bob Dold to join him in the fight against the deal, Schneider finally agreed to oppose it on August 13, 2015, admitting he had “grave concerns[1].”  However, weeks later press outlets reported Schneider “reversed course[2],” proclaiming he “100 percent” supports the deal.[3]

The reason he changed his position?  Schneider’s opposition to the Iran Deal drove some of his far-left supporters to switch their allegiance to his Primary opponent.[4]  Schneider then sold out the 10th District in a desperate attempt to salvage his political aspirations.

While this is not the first time Schneider has blatantly misled voters—such as vowing to oppose cuts Medicare and then supporting massive cuts to Medicare for 10th District seniors—Schneider’s stunning willingness to jeopardize America’s security and the security of our allies was a new low for an already dishonest politician. As if it wasn’t already clear before, we simply cannot trust Brad Schneider.

The following is the full text of “Dishonest Politician:”

“Annihilate Israel. Destroy America. Bankroll terror. Iran won't settle for anything less.

Yet, Brad Schneider played politics with our security. Schneider vowed to oppose the Iran nuclear deal then broke his promise just to save himself.

Struggling in his primary, Schneider reversed course and now backs the deal 100 percent. Schneider survived his primary, but lost our trust. Another dishonest politician.”


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