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Open Letter: Transgender demands for birth certificate sex designation changes



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Transgender Illinoisan calls for birth certificate change 

An open letter to Illinois State Representative Litesa Wallace (D-67, Rockford) and Democrats on the Human Services Committee:

Rep. Wallace, you and the majority Democrats on the Human Services Committee, by a vote of 8 to 6, have voted out of the House Human Services Committee, HB6073 – The Birth Certificate Sex Designation bill. The bill awaits a second reading in the House. After third reading, the Democrat-controlled Illinois House can vote for passage. This bill permits gender dysphoric persons (who identify with the other sex, not their sex at birth) to change the sex designation on their birth certificates. Neither hormone therapy nor surgery are necessary, just a declaration by a physician or psychologist stating that a person has undergone some type of “treatment.”

A common sense bipartisan bill, that stipulates school children should use the bathroom and shower facilities that correspond to their biological sex, HB4474, known as the Pupil Physical Privacy Act, was kept in your committee, effectively killed. That sensible bill permitted gender dysphoric children to use a separate bathroom or shower facility.

Last December, Palatine Township High School District 211 school board voted to allow a student, who was born male but identifies as female, to use the girls' locker room. The vote followed notice by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, that District 211 would loses its federal funding, if it did not allow the male student access to the facilities for girls. The student is registered as a female student and is undergoing hormonal treatment, but has not undergone any sex-change surgery.

The unnamed student is represented by the ACLU. John Knight, director of the LGBT and AIDS Project at ACLU of Illinois, told the Chicago Tribune that showering in a different place is “blatant discrimination.”

The Democrat Party is apparently looking for votes from the LGBTQ community. One might ask what is spurring the urgent need for persons to change a legal document rarely accessed after a person graduates from high school. Do employers ask for birth certificates? Has there been a run on requests for birth certificates by employers wondering whether the hottie in HR was born female or is actually male? Shouldn't the Illinois General Assembly refuse to pass another bill until it has passed the 2016 state budget? People are leaving Illinois in droves, and you see the need for this bill?

Representative Wallace and Democrats on the Human Services Committee, no one is “buying” your logic that men changing their birth certificates and using women's bathrooms is the civil rights issue of the day. Hundreds of supposed “transgender” men have sought access to women's bathrooms to take pictures, or worse, to molest or rape women and girls. As legislators, up for re-election November 8th, you should have more respect for the Judeo-Christian principles that have made America a beacon of light in a dark world. Illinois Family Action will lobby legislators April 20th, with the help of concerned Illinois citizens.


Jane Ryan Carrell

Roscoe Illinois


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  1. These people playing dress up need mental health help for their mental illness. Everyone needs to use the restroom for their objective sex and stop acting like they have some kind of special right to use any restroom they want. They have a right to use the restroom appropriate for their one and true sex and their sex is determined by their chromosomes, not by an illogical desire to be another gender. Get help for your gender confusion and stop trying to force your insanity upon society.
    All you gender confused individuals need to get treatment for your disorder. Sex change is biologically impossible and no one is a transgender; common sense and science tells us gender is the biological sex of an individual. Gender confusion is a disorder similar to a dangerously thin person suffering anorexia that looks in the mirror and believes they are overweight. A man wearing a dress is no more female than than I am a Chicago Bears quarterback by wearing a football helmet. The so-called transgenders are irrational and illogical, they need professional help overcoming their delusion. I wish the media would stop giving coverage to this insanity. Since those pesky XY and XX chromosomes make their delusional desire impossible.
    Remember one of the hallmarks of mental disorders is irrational behavior….
    The state is a financial disaster; the irresponsible and incompetent democraps thinks its important to propose this insane legislation. There are idiots!

  2. Transgenders are claiming they are “born that way” yet they provide no scientific proof to substantiate their claim. Just a lie from the gender confused!
    Dr. Francis S. Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, along with his team of over 150 of the top geneticists in the world, who sequenced and decoded the human genome, stated they did NOT find a homosexual or transgender gene.

  3. So your argument is that trans men, with muscles and beards and everything, should have to use the women’s bathroom to keep cisgender men claiming to be trans out? And that trans women should have to use the men’s bathroom, where they will likely be harassed and very possibly be the victims of violence?
    That makes no sense.

  4. There is no right to cross dress, and for the record, SEX CHANGE IS BIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE! And people who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming this is a civil-rights issue and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.
    Allot of women have facial hair and its sexist to say women don’t have muscles.
    Narc stated : “that trans men, with muscles and beards and everything,”
    Just what is the everything you are talking about??
    Narc’s statements are a political position totally unsupported by objective TRUE science

  5. Birth certificates shouldn’t be changed. A birth certificate documents details (length, weight, and sex) of a baby at his or her birth. Even if someone gets a sex change operation, that doesn’t change the sex of the baby, during the birth.

  6. Last of “12 Reasons why you should OPPOSE HB6073 The “Birth Certificate Deception Bill”
    12. Gender confused students and adults can be accommodated with unisex, single stall and faculty accommodations, protecting the privacy of all students and the public. Parents and concerned citizens across the political spectrum are watching closely and will hold any elected official accountable who exposes our vulnerable women and children to a hostile and dangerous environment!
    Protect Children Preserve Freedom http://www.pcpf.weebly.com