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UPDATE: Hultgren joins the “not ready yet” to commit to Trump movement




PLANO – Not in the #NEVERTRUMP movement, and not in the #TRUMP2016 gang, U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL-14) told local Daily Herald reporters that he's "not ready yet" to commit to backing Trump in the fall.

"I am not sold on Mr. Trump — not yet," Hultgren said in a statement released a day after Gov. Bruce Rauner said he won't endorse Trump.

"I don't know if I'll ever be," Hultgren said. "I haven't yet been able to reconcile his differences with my strongly-held beliefs on family and religious freedom which I believe are the foundation for our country's well being and identity."

UPDATE: Hultgren's people want us to be sure and run the whole statement – so we will. See below the fold: 

People in Illinois and across the country are frustrated. I am frustrated, too. Families and small business owners are worried about the economy and fear for their ability to continue to thrive under the weight of the heavy hand of government. We are facing a point in our history where we look at our children and grandchildren and fear that their future will not be bright and hold the promise of opportunity for all. Under strong pressure, I have taken tough votes to get our country back on track. 

Donald Trump has done a good job of voicing those frustrations, and many find his backbone to stand up to big government and special interest groups something they can trust. We need solutions, and I expect our next President to work to heal our divisions and pass real solutions to these problems.

I am not sold on Mr. Trumpnot yet. I don't know if I'll ever be. I haven't yet been able to reconcile his differences with my strongly-held beliefs on family and religious freedom which I believe are the foundation for our country's well being and identity.

We are entering a new phase of the campaign where historically voters gain a clearer picture of what the candidate actually stands for.

Hultgren's answer was more information than Congressman Peter Roskam's (IL-06) office was willing to share. Congressman Bob Dold (IL-10) has been critical of the presumed GOP nominee. 

UPDATE: Bob Dold told John Howell Friday that Trump’s comments about women, Latinos, Muslims, and prisoners of war were what made him decide against supporting Trump. He plans to write-in a candidate.

“For me these comments all together are not about uniting a country, it’s quite the opposite,” Dold said, “and so for me I will not support Donald Trump and certainly I think that there are others that have some pretty significant reservations.”

And while Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) has yet to go on record, he's indicated privately that he's no fan of the businessman. He at first backed Jeb Bush and then switched to Marco Rubio. Since then he's been quiet on the topic.

Everyone of those seeking re-election in November will deal with Donald Trump being at the top of the November ballot. No word yet on the matter from downstate Republican Congress members John Shimkus, Rodney Davis or Mike Bost.


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  1. Surprised at you, Randy. Don’t you realize that Illinois voted for Trump? Don’t you even realize why Trump won? It is because you, among other Illinois U.S. representatives, voted with the establishment.
    It is the establishment that voters are angry with. Since you represent establishment, Randy,expect to lose next time around. I certainly won’t be voting for Dold, Kirk, or anyone else who doesn’t support the Republican Party candidate for president.
    We the people don’t want illegal immigrants flooding this nation and then given jobs and healthcare; we don’t want Muslims who can’t be checked allowed to set foot in this nation; and we don’t want TPA and other trade deals that are stupid in nature. Instead we want good trade deals so that this nation isn’t left with the wrong end of the stick.

  2. Trump says he wants to change the Party Platform, starting with the pro-life plank. God only knows what else Trump wants to change, the New York Goldman Sachs liberal that he is. I’d say we all have to wait to see if we can support Trump unless we are Mark Kirk who says that’s just fine because he is running as a hard core liberal.

  3. Hillary Clinton is dishonest and corrupt like her husband Bill Clinton was, but at least she is sane. Trump is not sane and would be dangerous for the whole world if he gained access to nuclear launch codes.

  4. to Grant and Mark –
    Grant: I wish you would stop circulating lies about Donald Trump. He never said he wants to change the pro-life plank. I don’t believe you have ever listened to any Trump rallies to hear what he is saying or to Sean Hannity who spells out time and again all that Trump is for and what he is committed to doing.
    Mark: Elizabeth Clarke, who at 98, would be very displeased with you,knowing you as a very young man. Trump is not sane. If any thing, you are the extreme one, believing that he would be dangerous for the whole whole in regard to nuclear launch codes.

  5. I suggest people read up on US history of the 1850s. The Whigs died out and the Republican party was born. Sometimes you need creative destruction. I am tired of hearing democrats and some republicans say that heaven is just a tax increase away.

  6. So, Rhoads, you are fine with Hillary choosing the next few Supreme Court justices. You are fine with millions of illegals flooding the country. You are fine with higher taxes. You are fine with tens of thousands of Middle Eastern refugees (infiltrated by ISIS) being brought — unvetted — into yours and my towns. Ridiculous. No wonder the Republican party is dead. Why don’t you just become a Democrat?