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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Illinois Policy Institute: Illinois state workers highest paid in the nation




SPRINGFIELD – While Illinois' public sector unions demand more from the state's taxpayers, the Illinois Policy Institute makes the following points in a piece written by Ted Dabrowski:

AFSCME’s demands ignore four significant facts about Illinois state-worker compensation:

  • Illinois state workers are the highest-paid state workers in the country
  • AFSCME workers receive Cadillac health care benefits
  • Most state workers receive free retiree health insurance
  • Career state retirees on average receive $1.6 million in pension benefits

It’s not fair that Illinois residents, struggling with stagnant incomes in one of the nation’s weakest economies, continue to subsidize AFSCME benefits to such an extent.

More HERE.


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  1. Fine. Now go after all the illegals in the state and their anchor babies who are sucking the state dry for schools health services etc. etc. etc. ( As well as making this eventually a fool proof Blue state.)
    When you go after the illegals with the same fervor your above comments will have more legitimacy.