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NRA endorses Trump for President


LOUISVILLE – At the NRA's annual convention Friday, the National Rifle Association endorsed Donald Trump for president.


  1. Mark, get real.
    It’s either Trump or Hillary.
    We KNOW what Hillary is.
    Trump may be a gamble, but it’s a gamble that I, for one, am willing to take.
    The Hillary alternative, I can’t stomach.

  2. Mark Rhoads,
    So what news network do you watch now? This is a real question.
    Yes, in the final analysis FOX will always back the Republican candidate. But they do offer more alternative views than any of the of the major TV news outlets- not balanced but far more so than the others and I do watch them.
    CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC are truly wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democrats.

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