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Rauner Claims Springfield Dems no Longer Scared of Madigan




CHICAGO – Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner told the radio talk show host Dan Proft he's optimistic Democrats will band together to get a state budget passed by the end of the legislative session on May 31 because they're privately “sick of the status quo” and are gathering up the courage to “do the right thing.”

“They know we need reform; they know we need to grow our economy; they know our property taxes are too high; they agree that the reforms that were recommended actually make sense and are reasonable,” Rauner said.

The governor said fear of retribution from Madigan has made it difficult for one or two Democrats to break away and support reform, but that fear would be significantly reduced if a sizeable group comes forward in support of “a grand compromise” that favors Illinois taxpayers.

In previous months, Democrats were afraid to stand up to Madigan, fearing their stance would harm their chances in the primaries, Rauner said. But now that risk no longer exists.


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