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Rockford GOP Precinct Captain files complaint against Donald Trump candidacy




ROCKFORD – A Rockford area GOP precinct captain has filed complaint with his local party officials over presumptive presidential GOP nominee Donald Trump, citing numerous conflicts Trump has expressed with the Illinois Republican Party's platform stances.

"I believe that support of Mr. Trump blatantly disregards our Illinois GOP Platform, which states that our 'Party will not stand for the slightest compromise in the ethics of our political leaders, regardless of party affiliation,' and that our Party 'will be a Party of ethics and integrity, regardless of the cost,'" Austin Davies, Rockford's Area 13 precinct captain told Winnebago County GOP Chairman Jim Thompson in a note accompanying the complaint.  

Austinportrait-01-01-01-01Davies' complaint lists numerous Illinois Republican Party planks and then contrasts with Trump's stated positions on those same issues. He points to Trump's support for President Obama's 2009 government stimulus plan and call for pay limits on private executives to Trump's demeaning women publicly on various occasions to Trump's off-the-cuff comments.  Davies' describes them as "examples of his deplorable and well documented character." 

Davies says Trump has acted in contradiction to the Party's commitment to resolving differences with "civility, trust and mutual respect" and cites Trump's bragging about his corruption and graft, quoting Trump's disparaging comments about political competitors as well as his praise for using government for personal gain through the use of eminent domain.

The 7-page complaint goes on to list Republicans and conservatives who have voiced their opposition to Trump as the GOP presidential candidate for 2016, and concludes with a call according to the Winnebago GOP Party's bylaws to form an ad hoc committee to investigate the complaint.

If the committee concurs with the complaint, the committee would withdraw any endorsement and "make it publicly known that the Party does not support the candidate in question."

Davies, a 34-year-old Northern Illinois University law school graduate (after May 28th), submitted his complaint to Thompson early Monday morning. 

While Davies' complaint is sure to stir controversy, it should be no surprise. When Davies told his neighbors he was running to be committeeman in Rockford's 26th Precinct, he was upfront about his commitment to conservative principles.

"At the County Convention I will cast my vote for the most principled Conservative candidates for county Chairman and other party offices," he wrote on a flyer distributed to the neighbors. But he went a step further, writing: "Should a candidate who does not properly represent the party run for office, by my own action or at the behest of a precinct constituent, I will initiate procedures to convene an investigative committee which may result in the party withdrawing its support for such candidate."

Illinois Review asked Davies if he had considered filing a similar complaint against another Republican at the top of the 2016 ticket who has on numerous occasions also voted against the Illinois Republican Party's platform planks – U.S. Senator Mark Kirk. 

"I'm new to paying close attention to local politics and new to being active in the party, that's why I haven't acted on Kirk," Davies said.

Further developments pending …

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  1. He hasn’t acted on Kirk because Davies is a typical republican hypocrite.
    But please, Mr Davies, continue your Quixotic episode – please continue to fight those windmills!
    and be sure to check back in once you get off your soapbox, stop being hypocritical, and put the same effort into challenging your girlfriend Markie Kirk……..

  2. Haha. Have to laugh at the Trumpsters that are following their leaders’ example by throwing insults rather than seriously contemplating that what Austin is doing is well-thought out and courageous.
    Trumpsters, like their leader, know nothing but bullying in response to anyone that holds a differing opinion. Trumpsters are preparing to be soldiers that blindly defend their leader.
    This should frighten anyone that has common sense.

  3. Sure, avoid the issues.
    So why has Davies not challenged Mark Kirk on these very same issues he claims he has with Mr. Trump?
    Has Mark Kirk not been a bigger threat to the very same principles – for a longer period of time?
    Of course he has, thus the hypocrisy on Mr Davies (and yours) part.
    Quixote, windmills, and kabuki theater.
    Republicans are masters of those domains.

  4. The party of George Ryan and Aaron Schock is now concerned with ethics? The party of Bruce Rauner and Mark Kirk and Bob Dold and Christine Rodogno is now concerned with conservative principles?

  5. Who is this nobody? Never heard of him. Comes out of nowhere after never saying a peep about all of the Illinois Republicans like Mark Kirk and Bruce Rauner who truly do in fact ignore the GOP Platform every day. But then pops out with some sour grapes whining about Donald Trump, the first national GOP candidate in decades who is actually working to rebuild the GOP. What a loser. The only thing worse than being a nobody is being a never was.

  6. This is not about your feeling getting hurt over some things that have been said that you do not agree with. Are you stupid this is about the future of our country you fool. You are not looking at the big picture and you are only looking at yourself…sad.

  7. Spot on, Steven. I’m still waiting to find a Trump supporter who can compellingly argue for Trump’s issues and the principles upon which he stands. They can’t, because he has none. Thus, their only fallback position is: attack, slander and demean. Yes, the blind defense of their messiah (with a little “m”) IS frightening.

  8. I’m inclined to agree with LakeCoConserv. The reason Davies is going after Trump and ignoring Kirk is that Trump is a true conservative, and Kirk is a flaming liberal. The GOP establishment is made up primarily of RINOs, and Davies apparently desires to be a part of that sham.

  9. Precinct captains like Austin Davies had no problem supporting Mitt Romney who implemented single payer healthcare in Massachusetts, and also stated he was pro-abortion in 1994.
    Then VP candidate and current Speaker Paul Ryan is buddy buddy with Luis Gutierrez. He also promoted TPP, TPA, open borders and amnesty. Do these men sound like they’re promoting GOP values? Where were the complaints in 2012?
    Here’s the problem, the GOP no longer has values or a platform. The current party leaders are just trying keep in office and remain in DC.

  10. Glad he sent it to the County Chairman. However the county Chairman is a “yes man” who will support GOP candidates who are NOT in line with national party platform principles such as Mark Kirk and others. The GOP has been a broken political party long before Trump which did NOT want to get out of denial. Trump may be giving the right message on immigration and trade but not on his comments degrading women. Because the GOP is NOT strongly opposing illegal immigration nor protecting American citizen’s jobs here in the USA and refused to listen to it’s own voters is why it is in such poor political shape!

  11. I’m hoping more people that live by principles and that aren’t stricken by personalities step forward in the Illinois GOP. Thank you, Mr. Davies. I apologize for the ugly nature of the Trump supporters and their vulgar and demeaning comments.
    But they’re sheep, and they follow their angry, demeaning shepherd’s lead. God help us all.
    We’re heading into the America’s Dark Ages.

  12. It surprises me that the “outside of Washington” Trump that the supporters of Trump like, would ignore the the truth about who Trump is. He IS the Washington establishment that you people are railing against. Wake up people!

  13. He’s 34 freaking years old. I could name you all statewide office holders and congressmen in high school. So we’re supposed to take seriously this guy who hasn’t paid attention for the last 34 years but claims he has a solid idea what a conservative is?

  14. The more I read this it is absolutely silly. Why is anybody taking seriously the gripes of somebody new to politics without the foggiest idea of who/what a conservative is. I’m sure this guy is well versed on Russell Kirk, Burnham, etc. He probably subscribes to Chronicles Magazine in addition to his copy of the Limbaugh Letter.

  15. Agreed. If Mr. Davies wants to be in politics he needs to understand that the people want Donald Trump, not these career politicians. I’m a woman and I don’t give a flip what the media or the Democrats or the turncoat Republican’s say about him. He wants to change the game in Washington and that is all I care about.