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Speaker Ryan not ready to support Trump




Uh-oh. Get ready for the Tweets … Politico is reporting:

U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Thursday that he can not currently support Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

“Well, to be perfectly candid with you, I'm not ready to do that yet,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “I am not there right now. I hope to and want to.”

Ryan, who has previously said he would support the nominee, said there is work that needs to be done before the Republican Party can unify.

"I think what a lot of Republicans want to see is that we have a standard bearer that bears our standards," he said.

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  1. Paul Nehlen is running against this guy, only guy that I know, who ever lost to Joe Biden in a debate. Ryan is currently trying to get Puerto Rico a bailout that will trash Middle Income seniors’ savings, preserve public employee union fraudulent pensions, and keep his cronies from losing their butts. What precedent will result from this? Illinois pensioners getting bailed out with our money even though they contributed to the politicians who created their pension problem by pandering.

  2. I’m a person who believes that for the undocumented, we have to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve mass deportation, that involves people the opportunity to get right with the law, to come in and earn a legal status while we fix the rest of legal immigration,” Ryan said during his town hall with millennials at Georgetown University this afternoon. Ryan was asked why he vowed not to bring up immigration when he was elected Speaker of the House.
    Meanwhile: The number of illegal immigrant families and unaccomanpied minors apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border has soared in recent months, according to statistics released Wednesday by the federal government.
    According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), 27,754 unaccompanied children were taken into custody by border officials during the six months ending March 31 — the first six months of fiscal year 2016. That’s a 78 percent increase from the 15,616 apprehended in the corresponding time frame last year.
    Similarly, CBP reported that 32,117 family units — defined as at least one child traveling with at least one adult — were apprehended in the first six months of fiscal year 2016, a 131 percent increase over the 13,913 family units caught in fiscal year 2015.
    Tells all you need to know. The Republican Party establishment is morally bankrupt.
    Not certainly what Trump would really do but willing to give him a chance.

  3. I don’t get it. Why are you blaming Paul Ryan for not passing legislation that would have been DOA on Obama’s desk? Ryan holds conservative values, and he’s more dependable on the social issues by far than Donald Trump.
    You guys didn’t split the Republican Party – you’ve hijacked it and taken on something you have no idea how to guide or direct because you are standardless because Donald Trump is standaradless.
    What does Trump stand for? All I know is that he said a couple of times he was going to defend the border by building a wall. Why a wall only on the southern border? What not a wall on the norhern border? What’s the difference? Should both of those borders be secure?
    There are lots of us out here that are not in the Trump camp and don’t follow blindly a personality – and stick to issues. You will need our vote. How will you get our votes with these attitudes?

  4. It’s a bit arrogant to think we’re just following him blindly. The sheep in our party are the ones who have persistently believed that free trade, open borders and incessant foreign intervention are good for our country and despite 94 Million out of the work force, stagnant real wages, and huge budget deficits, still continue to back the same luminaries who gave us this mess.

  5. If that’s true, it proves the current Republican Party is being run as a private business or club, not as a “Party of the people.”
    It’s motto; SIT DOWN, SHUT UP. WE’RE running this, not you. OH, and SEND MONEY.”

  6. “Hijacked the Republican party?”
    Laura, it’s supposed to be Party for all who share it’s values. Recent elections and the GOP’s lack of action during the Obama administration show the national GOP no longer HAS any “values.”
    Trump may not be perfect in YOUR view, but we already know what the current GOP has become, and it sure as Hell isn’t much different from the Democrats!
    Seeing this, I’m willing to take a gamble on Trump!

  7. “He’s more dependable on the social issues …”
    Pray tell, what social issue has Paul Ryan advanced in his legislative career? Looking forward to specifics? What has he championed?
    Please tell what standards the GOP under Mr. Omnibus holds.
    What does Paul Ryan stand for other than the Chamber of Commerce?
    In case you’re unaware most of our illegal immigration comes from the south. Have you been in a 30 year nap?

  8. Which social issue has actually moved right? Second, Ryan is sounding more like Mitch Daniels. Huckabee was right, most value voters got used because there was never any interest in actually overturning Roe, amending marriage, etc. That’s one of the reasons why Trump won the evangelical vote and the white Catholic vote.