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Dold breaks with GOP to call for more gun control



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WASHINGTON – Tuesday, on the U.S. House floor, Illinois Congressman Robert Dold (IL-10) broke with Republican ranks "because thoughts and prayers are not enough" in response to the Orlando shooting. Dold, said it is time for congressional action.

He called on several measures to come before Congress, including three gun control measures he is co-sponsoring with Democrat colleagues. 

"At home we cannot allow the tired partisan bickering to distract us from the difficult but necessary work of preventing gun violence. We need to bring the partisan divide and put the best interests of country before politics," Dold said.

He then called for universal background checks prior to firearm purchases, notification to local law enforcement when a gun purchaser fails a background check, and a measure to prevent domestic abusers from legally obtaining firearms. 

Dold is in a tight race in November with liberal Democrat Brad Schneider.


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  1. Dold, the federal govt doesn’t have the constitutional authority to disarm we the people… so jump in lake Michigan!
    The problem is not guns you communist, the problem is ISLAM!
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    “Homosexuality is a moral disorder. It is a moral disease, a sin and corruption… no person is born homosexual, just like no one is born a thief, a liar or murderer. People acquire these evil habits due to a lack of proper guidance and education.
    “There are many reasons why it is forbidden in Islam. Homosexuality is dangerous for the health of the individuals and for the society. It is a main cause of one of the most harmful and fatal diseases… It is the most un-natural way of life. Homosexuality leads to the destruction of family life.”
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    Gays Must Die Says Speaker At Orlando Mosque – WFTV 9 Orlando Report

  2. Traitor!
    Watch for Dold to draft a bill on this, to get HIS name on the news, just like Sandack.
    “Look at ME! Look at ME! I’M DOING SOMETHING!”
    (Never mind that what he proposes is a duplicate, triplicate, or more of something already in the law books,
    because IT’S RE-ELECTION TIME!)

  3. What can you expect from the heir to Mark Kirk’s velvet embroidered North Shore House seat? But if 20% of his GOP base sat out the election, the seat would go to an equally leftist fellow, who has a (D) after his name.
    And why should any of us care? They’d both vote the same way!

  4. The problem is not with background checks, rather the broad definition of what constitutes a transaction, and what level of activitity constitutes a dealership.
    In the Schumer version, widely subscribed by the Democrats, you cannot hand a firearm to a friend while plinking in the woods or climbing over a fence without the intervention of a licensed dealer (FFL).
    According to various surveys, 80% of the guns used in crime come from illegal sales or straw purchases by people who purchased them legally. Even when caught, perpetrators are rarely prosecuted under Federal law, which would entail a 5-10 year sentence.

  5. Ed, the problem rests with the prosecutors and judges who refuse to uphold the law and prosecute felons for using firearms in the commission of crimes.
    The answer? Remove those judges when ever they come up for retention, and don’t re-elect any states attorney willing to plea-bargain these cases.