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Trump’s negatives hit new high: 70 percent hold unfavorable view of GOP candidate




WASHINGTON – As the Republican National Convention draws closer to its meeting in Cleveland next month, they got bad news Wednesday. A new Washington Post – ABC News poll shows seven out of 10 likely voters have a negative view of presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The presidential race appears to be turning into a contest of two of the most disliked candidates in history, as Hillary Clinton registered her worst rating in public life, with 55 percent saying they hold an unfavorable impression of the presumptive Democratic candidate.

Other details of the poll include:

  •  89 percent of Hispanics have a negative view of Trump, while 64 percent of that group say they look favorably at Clinton.
  • Among non-college whites, Trump's favorable rating (favorable minus unfavorable) has plummeted  from a plus 14 in May to a minus 7 in this survey.
  • Clinton has an even worse minus 47 rating among non-college whites.
  • Among men, Clinton has a 63 percent unfavorable rating, which jumps even higher to 75 percent for white men.
  • 34 percent of Republicans express unfavorable views of Trump.
  • 25 percent of Democrats look unfavorably at Clinton.

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  1. Poll not accurate:
    I may hold an “unfavorable ” view of him yet I plan to vote for him.
    I don’t have a favorable view of very many politicians. No one trusts Hillary, yet people will vote for her as the best socialist in the ballot, trust or not, favorability had little to do with it

  2. Donald Trump will carry 40 of the 50 states. Mark my words. So amusing to see the AFL-CIO in major panic mode trying to keep their traditionally Democrat rank and file out of the Trump camp. Same for the Steelworkers and Coal Miners unions. But the RINO Chamber of Commerce Republicans are entirely clueless.
    As Bob Dylan once sang, “There’s something happening out there, and you don’t know what it is — Do You, Mr. Jones?

  3. Both Hillary and Trump have negatives so high, it’s impossible for either to win.
    If they face each other, of course, one of them has to win, but there’s no way to anticipate which. I believe Trump – at the top of the GOP ticket – will cause such a severe degradation of base turnout that we will lose most state houses and governorships downballot, even if Trump wins.
    The lesson of these polls is this: whichever of the two parties has the sense to swap out their nominee will win in November.
    Since the Dems tend to be brighter than the GOP politically (ONLY politically), the odds are better that the Dems will see the light than that the GOP will.
    But if we do… any real republican who faces Hillary – Walker, Pence, Perry, Scott, Haley, whoever the compromise nominee is – will beat Hillary in November.
    Republican Delegates: you know what you have to do.

  4. To replace Donald Trump is to ensure a Republican loss in November.
    But, of course, that’s what this is all about, correct?
    To ensure you liberals’ favorite – Hillary Clinton the globalist vunderkid – sees through your Chamber of Commerce agenda.
    You liberal GOP elite aren’t fooling anyone – you’re in this to help any globalist win it – to hell with working Americans, right?
    Be honest now, for a change ………