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Illinois GOP targets eight Dems with robocalls




CHICAGO – Eight Democrat House members have huge targets on their backs in the upcoming General Election, and voters in their districts are hearing from the IL GOP via robocalls.

Despite 2016 being a presidential year, the IL GOP is hopeful that discontented taxpayers and frustrated independents will turn out in November to send clear anti-establishment messages by ousting Democrat Reps. Beiser, Bradley, Cloonen, Mussman, Phelps, Skoog, Smiddy and Yingling.

Below is the script to the robocalls hitting Rep. Yingling's district. (To be noted, the ILGOP's script mentions the Dems being concerned about their tans, and all of the eight House members happen to be fair-skinned.)

There’s nothing State Rep Sam Yingling likes more than a little fun in the sun this summer at taxpayer’s expense.

Instead of doing their job, House Speaker Mike Madigan and State Rep Sam Yingling are playing hooky again by cancelling session.

Yingling is too busy worrying about his tan to be concerned with putting public safety, vital services and schools first.

With their shades on and umbrella drink in hand, Madigan and State Rep Yingling continue to hold the budget hostage while trying to force through a massive tax hike with no reforms.

You can help end State Rep Sam Yingling's summer vacation early by visiting www.rebuildillinois.com to sign the petition telling Yingling to get off the beach and get back to work. Put public safety, our schools and the needs of our district ahead of Chicago political boss Mike Madigan's taxpayer funded getaway.

The ILGOP's script seems to coordinate with this new cartoon distributed by the Illinois Policy Institute, of course – it's all a coincidence:



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