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Illinois Democrats quiz “Who said it, Trump or Kirk?”



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CHICAGO – In a rare demonstration of humor and creativity, the Illinois Democrats pulled together a very simple website that asks "Who said it?" - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump or Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Illinois Mark Kirk.

There's a list of 16 head-scratching quotes that the Democrats use to point out some of the strangest things attributed to one or the other of the GOP candidates – with the hopes of tying the two together at the top of the November 2016 ballot.

  • "He’s going to have a rotating first lady. He’s a bro with no ho."
  • "The Iranians don’t even listen to Obama. So if a bunch of Republicans send a letter to them it will just bounce off their turbans."
  • "I'm OK with discrimination against young Arab males from terrorist-producing states."


  • "She has yet to lift her manicured little pinkie for our national security."

The quiz is available online HERE


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  1. Unless Tammy Duckworth is desperate to firm up her standing with Arabic voters, this ad may backfire. It makes Kirk look like someone willing to stand up to Islamic extremists.
    I am not familiar with anyone outside of the Obama Administration who thinks that the deal with Iran was a good pact.