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Thursday, February 2, 2023

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IL GOP Attacks Illinois Review Over Postage Discount, Says GOP “Strictly Neutral” During Governor Primary

By Illinois Review After a several week hiatus, IL GOP Chairman Don Tracy resumed his weekly Chairman’s Memo last Friday night when few were...

IL GOP National Committeeman’s Law Firm Donated to Biden, Harris

By Illinois ReviewRecent revelations show that IL GOP national committeeman Richard Porter’s law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, where he is a senior partner, donated...

IR Opinion: Which inconvenient humans will be denied rights next in Illinois?

CHICAGO - Columnist Dennis Byrne makes an excellent and saddening point about the Illinois "Reproductive Health Act" in which for the first time to...

From $15 per hour minimum wage to DACA support, women’s group announces legislative priorities for 2019 session

SPRINGFIELD - With Democrats in total control of Illinois' three branches of state government, the leftist group "Women Employed" published their top priorities for...

Illinois abortion promoters stand firm against Kavanaugh

From Planned Parenthood Illinois' website CHICAGO - A group of abortion promoters joined together Monday morning to hold a press conference in Chicago blasting the...

National legal immigration group: With Republicans like Rauner, who needs Democrats?

SPRINGFIELD - Friday, a national immigration group defied Governor Rauner's claim earlier this week that Illinois is not a sanctuary state.  "ALIPAC finds Governor Bruce...

Ives: “Any Dem that says they support business is lying to you”

WHEATON - There's plenty of reason to vote Democrats out of office, State Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) said in a Facebook post Friday morning. Every...


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