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IR Opinion: Which inconvenient humans will be denied rights next in Illinois?



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CHICAGO – Columnist Dennis Byrne makes an excellent and saddening point about the Illinois "Reproductive Health Act" in which for the first time to his knowledge, a state declared any person – specifically in this case young, helpless babies forming in their mothers' wombs – as having no independent rights. 

"A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of this State,"  the Illinois' newly enacted Reproductive Health Act says.

The thought of government officials making such a declaration is, well, inhumane, Byrne writes.

Among all the extreme provisions of the Illinois Reproductive Act, the most cruel and inhumane is the enshrinement in law of the principle that a fetus has no rights, ever. Not after viability, when it can live on his or her own. Not in the last week of gestation when his or her survival is greater. Not at the moment of birth, as when the body has been delivered and the head punctured while still in the birth canal to make its removal easier.

Byrne goes on 

Now that the idea that such a person has no rights–none at all–is enshrine in law should send shivers down our spines. That such a person has not even a sliver of any right to be balanced with the mother's rights. That one person has life or death authority over another person's life.

Byrne's thoughts demand attention.

Those that sponsored and pushed for this state position on little, helpless human beings applauded its implementation. Their glee and celebration begs the question of what these same people will do when a larger segment of our state's society grows old, helpless and totally at the mercy of those caring for them? Their seniors' care will cost lots and will be an inconvenient burden.

Illinois Review asks: Will these same people applaud when those humans' rights are threatened? 


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  1. It is my intention, whenever I see one of the wicked ghouls who were involved with passing this bill, to turn my back on them. To literally and physically shun them. I will not acknowledge their humanity by looking at them face-to-face.

  2. A posthumous child is entitled to full rights of inheritance from a deceased father. Under the wicked Illinois law, an abortion could be performed to increase the amounts that others would collect from an estate.

  3. Readers take note: whenever there is a bad piece of legislation that promotes wicked public policy Madigan’s go to Representative is Kelly Cassidy (D-14th) who sponsors the bad stuff like unrestricted abortion on demand and legalized marijuana.

  4. Aside from the absolutely abhorrent substance of this legislation, it creates a bizarre legal quagmire. In Illinois fetal homicide is a crime (unless the homicide is the result of an abortion, in which case it’s perfectly fine, and should be celebrated according to the far left). But if “a fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of this State,” then that means a fetus has no right to NOT be murdered. So if that’s the case, why is fetal homicide a crime? And what if the fetal homicide occurs while the mother is on the way to get an abortion? Then what? These legislators are not very smart, are they?