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Former Illinois GOP Chairman part of last-ditch effort to stop Trump nomination



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CHICAGO – One thing you can say about former Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady – he seems to thrive in swimming against the Republican grassroots tide.

In May, he led an effort to change the IL GOP's party platform to no longer oppose same-sex marriages. Nearly 80 percent of the convention delegates opposed the effort.  Before that, he worked for the ACLU to get a few Republicans to support same sex marriage despite the party's overall opposition. Before that, he was forced to resign as IL GOP chairman when his social issue views were directly in opposition to the party faithful's.

Now Brady's part of a small national group that is trying to stop Donald Trump from becoming the party's nominee next month in Cleveland.

Brady, a vocal Trump opponent, told the Daily Herald he's "assigned to lobby Republican leaders from a handful of Midwestern states who will set convention rules. The effort is aimed at changing party rules to let GOP convention delegates vote for a candidate of their choice, no matter who won their state's primary."

And although Brady ran on the GOP  primary ballot to be a John Kasich delegate, he says the group he's working with doesn't have a replacement candidate in mind.

"If we can get some momentum with this, I think you'll see that come together, too," Brady said. "But it's one step at a time. It's an uphill climb, undoubtedly."

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  1. Pat Brady was a big part of the unprecedented delegate revolt which renewed the inclusion of traditional marriage language in the Illinois State Republican Party Platform at the Peoria convention.
    There were committed conservatives supporting the the rejection of the Brady committee’s SSM plank in the platform and there were delegates who were simply sick and tired of Brady’s backroom deals.
    It was a stunning repudiation of the platform committee and it was even more impressive when one considers how the insiders tried to stack the deck against delegates who balked at the mandated party platform.

  2. This , for the most part, is the Republican Party in Illinois and at the national level as well.
    The fools can seem to figure out that they are driving away their base while going after the amnesty crowd which will never vote for them anyway.
    Republican Party =’s the Whig Party in 20 years or less.

  3. Thanks for the photo of Brady. I have only seen him once, and that was six years ago at a GOP Candidates’ Night in Gilberts, IL, when he was pimping for Mark Kirk.
    Although he lives in Kane County, in Campton Township with a St. Charles mailing address, he is NOT a GOP Committeeman, nor is he seen at Kane GOP events.
    WHY is he considered an “expert” on GOP affairs, and HOW was he ever selected as the Illinois GOP Party Chairman?
    For that matter, WHY do the Chicago radio stations choose to have him on shows as a “GOP political guru?”

  4. Republicans lost nearly everything there was to lose when Pat Brady was state chair. Probably the worst in history and he has stiff competition for the title. Guy is completely clueless. Whatever Brady says, do the opposite, and you know you’re doing the right thing.
    Brady probably plans to win more hearts and minds by texting ‘f#!k u’ to delegates like he did to that conservative woman during the state convention last month. Guy has problems.

  5. I honestly can’t remember a single time you have ever added anything to any discussion on any of these boards. You seem to show up when people at the office point you in the direction of these boards to defend Brady, Kirk, Kinzinger, etc. Never with anything interesting to say, never an original thought, just to berate other commenters. Never have you commented on a story itself, whether positively or negatively, only other commenters.
    So, you are not the arbiter of what is class around here and you are not the arbiter of creative comments either. You’re an unoriginal member of a worn out old peanut gallery.
    Feel free to continue as you were. More power to you. Just don’t confuse your comments with being creative or classy.

  6. I ain’t pat, just someone who likes throwing a wrench in the illinois review echo chamber sometimes and watch people be aghast that someone has a different opinion. Trump is going to lose in a landslide and I am very concerned about that but some would rather lose making a point than win with an 80 percent solution.

  7. Floor nin –
    Obviously you – like Pat Brady – have no respect for the majority of the IL GOP that hold conservative values. You can’t bear that anyone holds traditional family values and tries to abide by moral standards. It’s sickening and repulsive, right? Or tolerable only when they acquiece with the powers that be – such as Mr. Brady.
    I’m curious – which of the GOP candidates did you think could have won this election cycle?