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Trump campaign struggling; Clinton spending millions




WASHINGTON – Washington GOP insiders are said to be "near panic mode" concerning Donald J. Trump's presidential bid against Hillary Clinton. The situation has gotten so bad that Trump told GOP insiders to "be quiet" this week. 

"You know, the Republicans, honestly folks, our leaders, our leaders have to get tougher. This is too tough to do it alone. But you know what, I think I’m going to be forced to. I think I am going to be forced to, our leaders have to get a lot tougher,” he began.

Then with a bite, he said, "And be quiet. Just please be quiet. Don't talk, please be quiet.”

The numbers aren't good. Within the past week, a Bloomberg poll showed Trump dropping 10 points from 47 to 37 with Clinton nearing the magical 50, with 49 percent and winning. The Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson is polling at nine percent.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 6.31.43 AM

But not only are the numbers in a Trump versus Clinton matchup disturbing Republicans, Trump is apparently becoming a turn-off to a huge number of Americans.  

An ABC News/Washington Post poll earlier this week found Trump was viewed unfavorably by 70 percent of the electorate. And if that wasn't bad enough, he was seen unfavorably by 94 percent of African-Americans, 89 percent of Hispanics and 77 percent of women. 

Last week, Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk withdrew his support for Trump, while the Republican delegation from Illinois has for the most part remained generally supportive for whoever the Republicans nominate and steadfastly "against Hillary."

The more cold the support runs for Trump, the more traditional GOP check writers are turning off the fund-flowing spigot. At the same time, Clinton is starting to spend her nearly billion dollar war chest by running million dollar ad campaigns in the swing states Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia. 

Florida Republican strategist Rick Wilson told Politico there's an array of problems Trump faces as the RNC Convention in Cleveland approaches in July.

“Look, I mean, what could be going wrong with Donald Trump? … He is being out-raised by every possible fundraising metric. He is losing in the national polling averages. He is being crushed in the swing-state polls. He is being devastated in the polls in the states that he claims he is going to put into play, such as California, New Jersey and New York. … And he is increasingly erratic.”


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  1. The Republican Party establishment does everything they can to defeat Trump. And that is their real goal in order that power returns to them.
    And the Johnson vote is overwhelmingly coming out of Trump’s hide.
    So yes, he really is being ganged upon. However, ne needs to articulate his positions in a strong forceful manner without being so ridiculously bombastic. So he sure is not helping himself.
    Personally, I will vote for him but I do not like his campaign style.

  2. People so quickly forget that before the New York primary on April 19, a majority of Republican primary voters were rejecting Trump in most state primaries and caucuses. He won by getting pluralities against a divided field but not with majorities. His followers are hard core but not a majority in the general election for November.

  3. we get it already!!!
    you liberals will do and say anything, even put forth this type propaganda, to get your girl Hillary into the White House.
    you Republican liberals are the lowest of the low.

  4. The national polls averaged out on RCP show that Johnson is taking away close to an even amount from both Clinton and Trump. In fact, on average Trump is marginally closer in the polls that include Johnson than the ones that don’t.

  5. Which isn’t really true since there were a bunch of candidates. I have little doubt that Trump would have broke 50 across the South. Trump is telling insiders to “be quiet” not about his campaign struggles, which those insiders are actually CREATING but to be quiet about Trump’s positions on immigration and terror. His positions on those issues are what are being attacked and they’re embraced by at least half of Republican voters. It’s scary that so many Americans use so little common sense today. If HR is at 49%, then it was basically impossible to win this in the first place. Thank the Bushes for NOT stopping the demographic trajectory of the country that LBJ stuck us with.

  6. Your comment is on target but this happens in many elections and the ‘minority’ candidate can still win the general election.
    Rauner’s election is proof of that. He never gained a plurality of the vote as the more ‘moderate/liberal’ Republicans who ran against him split the vote among the themselves. Rauner still squeaked out a victory.
    Of course the electoral college plays the deciding factor in the Presidential race but that does not necessarily hurt a ‘minority’ candidate like Trump.
    I strongly supported Cruz and still do but I will vote for Trump.
    As I repeated earlier, what the Republican elites want is for Trump to lose so they regain power. No one seriously doubts this analysis if they have any objectivity whatsoever.

  7. You are correct. And he is the only one of the field who stood a chance. There was not a single person in that entire field that would have won this election.
    The GOP won its last election 12 years ago. I can’t see it ever happening again if Trump does not win this year. Even if he does it may be the end.

  8. Trump succeeded in validating voter anger and ‘with great pluck’ discredited the status quo GOP RINOesque diatribe, yet, his campaign has now fermented into vile-smelling post-anal horatius via his insufferable ego.
    Hilary seeks covert dark power, wholly diabolical, to demean, punish, vanquish and destroy her political enemies of 25+ years that she herself empowered them with quite the same type of insufferable ego as does now Trump ‘shoot himself in the foot’.
    Elephants can vote at http://www.retireKIRK.us

  9. “If HR is at 49%, then it was basically impossible to win this in the first place. Thank the Bushes for NOT stopping the demographic trajectory of the country that LBJ stuck us with.”
    I have been trying to point this out for over three decades and get blank looks or denial that it is happening.
    That is the critical issue that Republicans just absolutely refuse to admit. Too many Karl Rove types giving advice and to many Bush, Ryan, Boehner, McConnell types eagerly accepting it.

  10. Let’s keep some perspective. At this point in 1992, Clinton was around 16% in the polls. In 2008, McCain was winning right after the convention. In 1980, Reagan was often behind Carter. In 2012 as late as early October it looked as if Romney could beat Obama. In 1968, Humphrey was way behind Nixon and then furiously closed the gap almost winning.
    It is way too early to write Trump off. Trump. Is a very smart man and wouldn’t have stated this process unless he thought he could win on his ideas and strategy. And, the battle isn’t just about beating Clinton, it is ridding the Republican Party leadership of these globalist traitors who have zero concern for the middle class. Trump needs to expose his internal enemies and this whole process is doing that. He needs to know who his allies are if he wins and needs to govern. We know Christie, Sessions, Scott, Paul, Perdue are solidly behind him. Gingrich is too in love with his ideology and exposed himself as a back stabbed. Paul Ryan is the weakest Speaker of the House we have had in our history. He is like a school boy who is now class President and wants to show off to his favorite teachers.
    Trump is taking them all to school now though and this is lining up as just the sort of realigning election that America produces every 50 year or so. Trump will win big and will get our great assimilation machine working again and a new age of prosperity will follow.

  11. I’m looking at polls and I think that the country is either nuts OR lots of “voters” have been dumped into the country real quickly. Obama is approaching Reagan-level approval right now. It’s what every Republican establishment type is pretending doesn’t exist. It’s actually remarkable that Trump is keeping the race so close.

  12. Yeah, I’ve been saying this for months now. This is actually the very last election before any of this can be stopped. This is it. The establishment actually doesn’t want to stop it. I’m looking at poll numbers which are insane, NOT Trump’s numbers. Obama has 53-55% APPROVAL and 41-43% disapproval. That’s insane. Who are these people who approve and were they even “citizens” when Bush lost the popular vote in 2000? The margin between Trump and Clinton is a lot closer than that. Can establishment Republicans tell us what, exactly, Bush, Rubio, etc. would be running on right now when Obama enjoys this approval and Romney couldn’t even beat Obama when his approval was so much worse in 2012? Seriously, what would they be running on? The economy, which evidently voters approve of? The war, which evidently voters approve of? What?!! Or would they be pandering, which I know I would never vote for?

  13. The establishment hated Reagan. That’s why they’re trying to pretend that Reagan was never way behind in the polls, further back than Trump is right now. It’s why they got Anderson to run. Reagan was that far behind thanks to the thankless establishment and then he clobbered them. We aren’t there, yet.

  14. a Media Research Center study that reveals some amazing numbers from the media.
    From January 1 through June 7 of this year, our analysts reviewed every evening news program that took place on ABC, CBS, and NBC. Approximately one quarter (26.1%) of all their shows were dedicated to the presidential campaign, but the real shock is what topics they actually covered.
    So far in 2016, ABC, CBS, and NBC have allotted 432 minutes to discussing scandals and controversies regarding Donald Trump, while allotting just 105 minutes to Hillary Clinton’s scandals and controversies!
    With the FBI investigating her use of a private email server as Secretary of State – plus the scandals surrounding The Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and others – it’s not like there is nothing to talk about.