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Durbin joins in U.S. Senate gun control filibuster



This week in Washington D.C., Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin assisted in a Democrat filibuster on gun control, provoked by the Orlando shooting last weekend. 


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  1. Ban the practice of Islam and deport all muslims. There is 1400 years of Islamic history that show Islam is a murderous cult.
    Punish the intolerant muslims, not the law abiding gun owners.
    Besides that, the federal govt has no constitutional authority to ban guns and ammo

  2. I am concerned about this “No Fly – No Buy” gun control by the left and some Republicans. Nobody knows if they are on the terrorist watch list, until you can’t board a plane. Nobody knows how to get off of the list if it is a bureaucratic error. And when Jey Johnson, Sec of DHS says that “right wing” groups are just as dangerous as ISIS, it will be no surprise if some our fellow readers are put on such a list. And when the next terrorist hits, the left will not be happy that their “No Fly – No Buy” law didn’t work, and push for even more gun control. Their grip never loosens on our liberty.

  3. Today I heard a radio report and interview of a gun store owner who told us that the killer had entered his shop several weeks ago, intending to buy a high-quality bullet-proof vest.
    The owner told him the store did not stock those, upon which the intended buyer made a cell-phone call in “a foreign language.”
    The store owner reported all of this to the authorities, again, several weeks before the massacre.
    NOTHING WAS DONE, and he heard no more about it.
    “If you SEE something, SAY something.”
    All B.S., if the officials are too stupid, too lazy or too incompetent to DO something!

  4. So what exactly is the “something” they’re supposed to do? “Excuse me, Sir, but it says here you tried to buy a legal product that wasn’t stocked at that store and then spoke on the phone in a language that wasn’t English.” Doesn’t exactly seem law-enforcement material there.

  5. If you believe more gun control by your government is going to save lives, you are being naïve. The champions of mass killings in this world has always been a tyrannical government. Like our chomping at the bit fascist federal govt that can’t wait to declare unconstitutional martial law.