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U.S. Rep. Kinzinger reacts to Orlando, ISIS and the Presidency




WASHINGTON DC – Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger wrote his supporters yesterday addressing Orlando, ISIS and the Presidency. In an email, Kinzinger wrote:


A little over a week ago, our country was rocked by an atrocious act of terrorism in Orlando. Unfortunately, after attacks in Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino and many, many, other places around the world – terrorist attacks on innocent victims have become far too commonplace.

Let me make something very clear: this attack was spurred by evil and hateful ideology, and this attack was inspired by radical Islamic jihadism. For the president and any candidate hoping to become commander-in-chief, it is imperative that they have the capacity to understand and identify our enemies.

For too many years, I have been warning the President and this Administration of the threat that radical terrorist organizations like ISIS pose to our way of life. My service in the U.S. Air Force and as your representative in Congress has taken me all around the Middle East. I have seen firsthand why it is so important that we destroy ISIS and its affiliates once and for all.

Last year, I introduced an Authorization of the Use of Military Force to give this and future Administrations the authority and tools they need to wipe ISIS off the map. The approach we have been using thus far to combat terrorism has not been successful. I will continue to urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to pass this vital legislation. 

I am a passionate believer in America’s leadership role in the world. We need to do what is necessary to defeat ISIS and any other organizations like them. Incrementalism is NOT working.

Rest assured, protecting you and your family from terrorist threats is my highest priority. I will not stop fighting or speaking out on this issue until every last member of every terrorist organization around the globe is neutralized – so that you and your family can be safe.

Thank you for support, and for your attention to this very important issue.


Adam Kinzinger
Member of Congress


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