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FBI Director Comey to testify before House Oversight Committee Thursday



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WASHINGTON – FBI Director James Comey has agreed to testify before the U.S. House Oversight Committee Thursday, Chairman Jason Chaffetz announced Wednesday morning.

“Individuals who intentionally skirt the law must be held accountable. Congress and the American people have a right to understand the depth and breadth of the FBI's investigation,” Chaffetz said in a statement.

“I thank Director Comey for accepting the invitation to publicly answer these important questions."

No Illinois Republicans serve on the U.S. House Oversight Committee. Two Democrat members – Tammy Duckworth and Robin Kelly – do represent Illinois on the panel.


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  1. haha… lets investigate the investigation. This man is GOP. He is the one who personally fought Bush’s illegal wire tap program. Ran to the hospitial where delirious Ashcroft was and stop Bush’s stooges from getting the illegal taps approved… REMEMBER???
    This man is legit…. your GOP isn’t.

  2. and one more point why this is failing to bring down Clinton:
    If only you all got into this frenzy when we all realized Bush, Cheney and his admin lied us into a war, falsified intelligence reports, leaked false information to the press, outed CIA agents, lost 22 million emails, fired 8 attorney generals who were investigating illegal activity by Republicans and spied on citizens without warrants … with all that you all stayed silent.
    This by comparison make Clinton’s situation seem practically normal… right?
    if only you folks were not absolute hypocrite this line of attack would of worked. Had you gone after Bush as you all should of.. we would buy your crocodile tears over this.
    You used up all legitimacy when you let Bush off the hook with actual proof and not innuendo…

  3. He’ll swear his decision was “proper,” the Dems will rubber-stamp it.
    We won’t see any real justice on this unless Trump gets elected.
    If that happens, I hope this guy gets FIRED immediately.

  4. But didn’t Hillary check off every box for violation of 18 USC 793? Rhetorical question. She did, and Comey said as much. He said she treated very sensitive national security information with “extreme carelessness.” How does that differ from the statute’s requirement “gross negligence.”
    You may not be curious, but I certainly am, and I will watching and live tweeting tomorrow morning.

  5. Minor point, but I feel obligated to educate you: it’s “attorneys general,” but I think you refer to U.S. Attorneys, which the Bush Regime replaced. Did you know that Bill Clinton fired all of the U.S. Attorneys in the country when he took office? 93 in all. Of course you didn’t. I don’t think I can’t expect a lot of knowledgeable commentary from someone who says “attorney generals,” which is incorrect even to refer to the office you refer to, which is not the one you were talking about.
    Let me know about meeting the legal elements for violating 18 USC 793. Maybe you could find a smart friend to help you understand these complicated matters.

  6. Don’t mess with the red-head… no, really! LOL
    no really, do you think if you control perception with lies, half-truths and deceptions, you can control reality?? It ain’t working…

  7. The fix is in and nobody is going to do anything about it. All this man wanted to do was to live to see another day. He and the rest of the FBI know what happens to those who cross the Clintons.

  8. Ms princess,
    Just curious:
    Do you expect anything positive to come from this dog and pony show tomorrow?
    If you do, you are much less cynical than myself.
    I feel tomorrow is for no other reason than the republicans to say, when it is over: “well, there we have it folks, all is said and done now. Nothing more to see here. Time to move on.”
    I will be watching for your tweets.

  9. What was he promised to receive if Hillary gets elected?
    What was he threatened with if she was indicted?
    As Karl suggests, when you cross the Clintons, or even APPEAR to, you might get what Vince Foster got.

  10. You just proved that he’s not legit. He curried favor with Democrats when Bush was President and curried favor again. FYI, he has gone out of his way to attack Snowden, he feigns outrage about collecting everybody’s data instead of targeted profiling of certain populations, and then he threatens Apple to turn over the instructions as to how to crack open everyone’s iPhone.

  11. Lookee everybody Bush is INVISIBLE AND NEVER EXISTED. THATS WHY THE GOP LET THE WAR CRIMINAL FREE… Princess here seems to have reading comprehension issues. You are all hypocrites.
    btw if you so educated deary… why you have the job of supporting the next Hitler?
    Ths fella actually stopped Bush and his adminsitration from crapping on the constitution… way way back… you can pretend it never happened.. but when Cheney revealed a CIA agents name to the press somehow 22 million emails dissappeared …. all the illegal activity of the Bush administration gone… 22 million emails!!! Did you or any of your ilk say anything? Nope…. hypocrites.
    psst… did you sit down and READ what he said… your memory may be off.
    Did anyone on the right actually listen to what Comey said, and what Hillary has said? (1) At the end of his report Comey specifically said that there are factors that are taken into consideration when determining whether to charge or not in cases like this. The two most important were: a. whether there was intentional conduct and; b. whether there was an attempt to avoid prosecution by lying or purposely withholding evidence (In case you want to compare this to Petraeus, please note that his conduct was admittedly intentional, and he lied to the FBI during the investigation). Comey said that neither of these existed in this situation. In other words no emails were intentionally withheld or deleted, and no one lied to cover anything up. (2) He never said Hillary sent emails that were classified. He said that there were email “chains” in her server that were classified. In plain language that means that she may have received classified emails from others, but there is no indication that she ever transmitted such emails. If she had, I can guarantee you he would have said so, and the result may have different. (3) The Director never said that Hillary’s server was hacked. Comey said that the accounts of others, who Hillary may have emailed (friends and family), had been hacked, but there was no evidence that Hillary’s server was. He said it was entirely “possible” that it happened, but it is also possible and probable that many .gov accounts have been hacked.
    Get off your high horse DEAR your arrogance and hypocrisy are showing …

  12. I wrote an entire comment about Bush.. and your purposeful distraction from that by posting this bs proves my point.
    To you Bush did no wrong. This makes you a FRAUD. you and the GOP your kind of sort of support even though they lie to you on everything have no moral high ground. That’s why you support Trump right? The GOP has lied and destroyed this country. EVEN TRUMP SAYS BUSH MADE THIS MESS.
    But you keep walking that fence so you can make your buck no matter how this falls…..
    what an amoral indecent human being you really are…. not even any real convictions. Just venom.

  13. no really, did you read the Judicial Watch article? Intent has nothing to do with whether someone is prosecuted or not. Comey helped convict a Navy reservist for the EXACT same thing that Clinton did: “[H]is agency helped convict a Navy reservist last summer of the same crime that he just cleared Hillary Clinton of committing. In that case the reservist from northern California got criminally charged—as per FBI recommendation—for having classified material on personal electronic devices that weren’t authorized by the government to contain such information.” The reservist didn’t “intend” to distribute the classified material.
    I served in the U.S. Army as a communications specialist with a Top Secret clearance. There is NO WAY I would have escaped retribution if I had had classified information outside a secure government network. In fact, after what Clinton has done, she should NEVER get a classified clearance again. Who would ever trust her? Not to mention that it is almost CERTAIN that foreign governments have her e-mails and will use that to blackmail her if she becomes president. In the military we were constantly warned about the risks of exposing ourselves to blackmail especially since we had access to classified material. You Dems are so blinded by your desire to overlook EVERYTHING that you would place every single citizen in the U.S. at risk.

  14. judicial watch the BLUE DRESS folks? The folks who only go after democrats and use the courts to abuse others?
    lol…. please. Of course the right wing blogs are upset. But they are making sh*t up as they try to attack a legitimate investigation.

  15. Where do you get your talking points from? MSNBC, NPR, NYT, DNC, CNN (Clinton News Network)?
    If you want to talk about liars, look at jerk Obama, Pelosi, or Reid.
    LOL, Bush did it so it’s okay to lie.

  16. Its a full time job going after Democrats, were it not for Judicial Watch, many of Hitlery’s emails would still be hidden. Hillary hid evidence in the early 70’s denying Nixon due process of law in the Watergate scandal and over 40 years later Hitlery is still hiding evidence.
    And that Blue Dress was the only thing that saved Monica Lewinsky from the liberal media attack machine from covering up for serial sex offender Bill Clinton. The democraps and the lying liberal media colluded to discredit and ignore the truth from Monica. Much the same way they covered up for Muslim Obama during his 2007 campaign… left wing organized crime.

  17. Unfortunately for you, really, the story about the Navy reservist prosecuted for having classified material on an unclassified electronic device is TRUE. Judicial Watch didn’t make that up. Clearly you have never served in the military, never held a classified clearance, don’t give a fig about whether Clinton’s classified emails put our military men and women at risk. It’s just fine for you if hostile foreign governments know about our troops etc. Comey stated that she used her personal devices while in hostile nations and it is extremely likely that they intercepted her communications. Again, totally fine with you. No problem if she exposes Secret and Top Secret information to the enemy.