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UPDATE X1: Illinois’ RNC delegates meet up in Cleveland; convention uproar short-lived



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From RNC delegate Stephanie Holderfield's Facebook Page

CLEVELAND – Illinois' Republican National Convention delegates were not a part of the ten states that submitted petitions for a roll call vote on the Rules Committee's report – an effort that they hoped would allow delegates to vote their consciences rather than as the voters selected in their states' primaries and caucuses. 

The states that submitted petitions according to various sources were Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Colorado, North Dakota, Alaska, Virginia, Utah, Maine, Wyoming and non-state Washington D.C. 

To view C-SPAN's take on the movement visit HERE.

UPDATE X1: The RNC released the following points after the convention uproar Monday afternoon:

  • A majority of the grassroots delegates on the floor backed the rules that passed.
  • 44 states and all of the territories were united behind the RNC rules package, only a small minority opposed passing the rules.
  • There just simply was not enough support to call a separate vote on the rules.
  • A majority of 7 states were needed for a roll call vote, but there wasn't enough support and the requirements under the rules weren’t met.
  • Those seeking a roll call only had the majorities of six states, and lost one of those states during the vote.
  • Many people were misled at breakfasts this morning and were asked to sign a piece of paper not knowing what it was. When they found out what it was, they removed their names.
  • There wasn’t even enough support for a minority report out of the rules committee which only required a handful of delegates to approve and they certainly didn't have enough for a voice vote.
  • The rules were printed in the order of business so everyone knew what was expected.
  • At the end of the day, an overwhelming majority support the rules and our nominee.


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