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Rhoads: Lazy Trump staffers plagiarize Michelle Obama



By Mark Rhoads - Melania Trump

Back in June 1987, Sen. Joe Biden announced he would be a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988. The only problem was that his speech was lifted almost word for word from a personal biographical speech made earlier by British Labor Leader Neil Kinnock. So Biden made it sound as if Kinnock's life story was Biden's life story.

Last night the Trump staff blundered again by giving a speech to Melania Trump that was almost a word for word copy of a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008. Are these staffers too dense to realize that all these speeches are on video tape?  Click Here to compare for yourself.


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  1. Sorry! I was too intent looking at Milania to pay attention to what she said.
    And “What difference does it make?” (plagiarized by ME).
    All these candidates’ wives’ speeches are about the same anyway.

  2. Haha haha
    You are making yourself so completely irrelevant, Rhoads.
    Seriously – of all the impassioned speeches last night, if the most important topic of our nation’s security that was last night’s theme, THIS is your takeaway?
    If I didn’t know better (and I don’t know better), if think that you are working for the Clintons ……

  3. “By giving a speech that was almost word for word copy of speech given by Michelle Obama” You make it sound as if the entire speech was word for word when in reality it was a few lines of a ten minute speech. It isn’t good but still why join the mainstream media and sole focus on the 3 line mistake.

  4. I’ve been turned off by Mark Rhoads and his posts which tell me that he is operating in another world. I’m sure he is a nice person, but his posts are all geared to wanting to make readers believe that he knows more than anyone else. There is no humbleness in the man. His posts might be considered enlightening to those who also live in la-la land, but not to those who see Hillary as one who will destroy all about this nation that Mark seems to desire. Doesn’t Mark realize that negativity turns people away. No one wants to associate with one who never has anything nice to say.

  5. This is the standard a Trump supporter. Trash. He supports trash.
    Had any Democrat done this. The hypocrite above would be first to throw stones.
    “Donald is a loyal …”
    -3rd wife of Donald Trump.

  6. The Observer thinks Melania Trump is attractive and many men would agree. But the Observer also thinks honesty and integrity do not make any difference and it is ok to plagiarize. Donald Trump was certainly right about one thing when he made a statement on Jan. 24 in Sioux City, Iowa “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” The Trump followers defend him no matter what crazy things he says or believes or changes his position on. The reason might me that a childish moron like Trump attracts other childish morons who never study the Constitution or the issues and just follow their leader like loyal Hitler Youth did in the 1930s. I hope the Republican Party enjoys its crushing defeat in November.

  7. THAT’S what you’re complaining about???? With all that’s wrong with Clinton and HER spouse, you think this is important? Obviously you’re far removed from Joe and Jane Public to think we care.

  8. The ‘similarities’ are the same as all of these type of sappy, say nothing speeches. What you see and the MSM see as plagiarism is part and parcel of the efforts to discredit Trump in any way that can be done.

  9. I agree Frank… I have heard a 100 of those same speeches about lessons learned from hard work, traditional values and family. If the Trump speech writer plagiarized, then so did the Obama speech writer. Of course the msm let them slide.
    The ones pointing the finger are haters of Trump.
    This is a continuation of the JournoLIST conspiracy. Journolist members secretly collude to discredit and ignore stories that have the potential to harm Hitlery’s bid for the White House and nitpicks on Trump.

    The Trump camp was sloppy. They didn’t vet the speech. they get what they deserve.
    Entire sentences matched. haha. Lifted from a speech Michelle gave about HARD WORK.

  11. Sorry I have nothing nice to offer this summer but you are absolutely correct that I aspire to a different and better world than 2016 American politics. The world is so much bigger than the tiny childish minds of Trump and Hillary and Obama and of the Republican and Democratic lemmings who pretend to be conservatives and liberals with no understanding of the history of either camp. In reality they are opinionated know nothings who like to hurl insults at one another for entertainment rather than for serious policy debates. I came from an old school that defended the right of reasonable people to have reasonable differences of informed opinion but that world has vanished thanks to Trump and Hillary and Obama and all the other demagogues who pretend to love America without doing any real homework on the founding principles of America. Like FDR once said to the Mine workers and the mine owners, “a plague on both your houses.”

  12. Nancy Thorner,
    Full disclosure, I’m Mark’s sister,) but my brother has more knowledge, integrity and kindness in his little finger than many. And some of the best in the Conservative movement and elsewhere have been honored to know him. And sadly the negativity is truly from those who claim to be conservative. But few even have a passing acquaintance with the founding principles or the constitution. And for fear of Hillary, well, there is a line in the film BEN-HUR that applies. Charlton Heston as Ben-Hur has raged about his former friend, messala who has been killed in the arena, he is told by another character, “It is as if you had become Messala!” And you don’t see it now, but many Trump supporters unknowingly have become Hillary! And in speaking of negativity, the nastiness of Trump supporters has been shocking beyond belief. God bless you though, and for your sake (and the country’s sake) I hope Mr. Trump delivers everything you think he will – because unlike some, both my brother and I would admit if we were wrong. One has a duty to call it as you see it and that is what my brother is doing. And if you knew him, and the many kindnesses and courageous stands he has done in service to others you would be so ashamed of your comments.

  13. Moochelle plagiarized that hard work speech… I heard it before she said it. Moochelle supporters are immoral.
    What you liberals fail to understand is that Ms Trump says she wrote the speech and I believe her… just because there are similarities doesn’t mean she didn’t write it. Ms Trump speaks five languages, Moochelle like Barry has trouble putting two words together without a teleprompter…. they are masters of incoherence.

  14. The Clintons are trash… one need only look at the attacks, the lies on Monica Lewinsky perpetrated by the Clintons and the liberal media.
    Must have been that non-existent gunfire Hillary took at a Bosnia airport that caused it. Lying trash!

  15. Hey, “No Really,”
    What do you have against hard work?
    In fact, what do you liberals have against ANY kind of REAL work?
    Have you ever done any?
    By the way: The Democrats HAVE done this plagairism within thir own party, because Obama completely re-read, verbatim, parts of Hillary’s 2001 speech, in his 2009 one.
    “Hypocrisy, thy name is DEMOCRAT.”