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Reeder: Plagiarism may no longer be a big deal, but it’s still stealing

By Scott Reeder -  SPRINGFIELD – I’ve never quite understood the appeal of plagiarism. Is it laziness or a lack of creativity that motivates people...

Kass calls for speechwriter’s head on a stake over Melania Trump speech flak

CLEVELAND - Is Jack Ryan's former campaign manager in trouble again? Well if one's head is being called for on a stake, that's usually...

Rhoads: Lazy Trump staffers plagiarize Michelle Obama

By Mark Rhoads -  Back in June 1987, Sen. Joe Biden announced he would be a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988. The...

O’Brien: Three Ways Just This Week That Obama is Making Us Less Safe

By Teri O'Brien - If you spend even a little time watching what is laughingly referred to as “the news,” be it on...

The Mile High Club photo shoot that stirred a GOP presidential feud

NEW YORK - Presidential candidate Donald Trump exploded this week over an ad that the anti-Trump PAC "Make America Awesome" ran featuring a semi-nude...


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