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Wednesday night’s RNC program to feature Pence, Cruz, Gingrich




CLEVELAND – Tuesday night, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Donald Trump Jr. brought RNC Convention delegates to their feet on numerous occasions after New York businessman Donald J. Trump officially was nominated as the RNC's presidential pick for 2016. 

Curiosity is stirred as to what exactly U.S. Senator Ted Cruz will say during his prime time speech Wednesday night. The brutal primary ended with Cruz and Trump as the last two competitors, and Cruz supporters are still carrying open wounds – will the once dubbed "Lyin' Ted" endorse the nominee?

Wednesday night's lineup includes:

  • Remarks by Florida Governor Rick Scott
  • Remarks by Laura Ingraham, radio host
  • Remarks by Phil Ruffin, businessman  
  • Remarks by Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida
  • Remarks by Eileen Collins, astronaut
  • Remarks by Ralph Alvarado, Kentucky State Senator
  • Remarks by Darrell Scott, pastor
  • Remarks by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
  • Remarks by Lynne Patton, Vice President, The Eric Trump Foundation
  • Remarks by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
  • Remarks by Eric Trump, EVP of Development and Acquisitions, The Trump Organization
  • Remarks by Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Callista Gingrich, president of Gingrich Productions
  • Remarks by Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Vice Presidential Nominee
  • For the full Convention schedule, speaker’s bios, and live-stream video of the day’s events, download the RNC 2016: Official App from the Apple Store or Google Play store: http://convention.gop/official-app 

The Republican National Convention program will focus on the following points Wednesday night:


  • Donald Trump will put hardworking Americans first – above special interests and the well-connected – and bring back our jobs.
  • The system has been rigged against everyday Americans for far too long. As president, Donald Trump’s top priority will be making sure that foreign and domestic policies serve the American people’s best interests.
  • The Trump-Pence agenda reflects the candidates’ commitment to putting Americans first:
  • Reform the bloated tax code to lower rates and let people keep more of their hard-earned money;
  • Eliminate Common Core and empower parents and local communities to make decisions and ensure their children receive the best possible education;
  • Rebuild our infrastructure on time and on budget—because putting Americans to work in construction jobs is one of the things that Donald Trump does best; and
  • Stop out-of-control bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. from saddling small businesses with burdensome rules and regulations that limit their ability to grow, prosper, and hire. 


  • As president, Donald Trump will restore our nation’s standing in the world. He will end nearly eight years of a foreign policy characterized by weakness and timidity.
  • When Donald Trump is president, our allies will know that they can trust us—and our enemies will know that we are serious about protecting our country and our citizens.
  • A Trump-Pence administration will:
  1. Fulfill the first responsibility of government by protecting our citizens from the threats posed by ISIS and other terrorist groups;
  2. Enact real immigration reform that secures our borders and puts America’s workers first;
  3. Support free and fair trade deals that safeguard American workers, rather than outsourcing their jobs to other countries; and
  4. Protect American jobs by branding China a currency manipulator, forcing China to uphold intellectual property laws, and putting an end to China’s illegal export subsidies. 


  • Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s strong record of job creation and conservative governance make him a perfect choice to help defeat Hillary Clinton.
  • As governor, Mike Pence signed the largest tax cut in state history and his policies have led to the longest period of uninterrupted growth in Indiana’s history.
  • Under Mike Pence’s leadership, Indiana has attracted investors and created over 150,000 private sector jobs.
  • As a result of Mike Pence’s conservative economic policies, Indiana has been named the fifth-best overall state for job growth, and the state’s unemployment rate has fallen from 8.4% to under 5%.


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  1. Mr DiLeo,
    You damn well better poke your head up today, at least long enough to explain what the hell you and your candidate were thinking last night (whatever it was sure backfired, didn’t it?).
    Or what little credibility you may still have had yesterday “has left the building”.