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Group files lawsuit to protect Illinois teens’ right to choose




CHICAGO – Today, Pastors Protecting Youth (PPY), an association of Illinois pastors, filed a Federal lawsuit against the State of Illinois in regards to the Youth Mental Health Protection Act, the state’s newly enacted ban on sexual identity counseling for minors. The suit maintains that the ban unconstitutionally restricts a young person’s right to make personal choices regarding his or her own choice of sexual identity, as well as the pastors’ right to free speech and the exercise of religion.

The Act, which was sponsored by left-wing State Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D) and State Sen. Daniel Biss (D) was signed into law by Republican Governor Bruce Rauner in August of 2015 and went into effect January 1, 2016. It bans any licensed counselor from helping a young person who is seeking to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions. The Act further states that any “person or entity” in “any trade or commerce” who offers sexual identity counseling in a manner that portrays homosexuality as a disorder or illness, is guilty of consumer fraud. PPY is seeking a Declaratory Judgment from the court stating that the law should not apply to pastoral counseling which informs counselees that homosexuality conduct is a sin and disorder from God’s plan for humanity.

PPY’s attorney John W. Mauck of Mauck & Baker, LLC, said in a press release: “We are most concerned about young people who are seeking the right to choose their own identity. This is an essential human right. However, this law undermines the dignity and integrity of those who choose a different path for their lives than politicians and activists prefer. Each person should be free to receive Biblical and spiritual counseling from the pastor of their choice to help them orient their sexuality.”

Responding to the new, State Rep. Cassidy told the Windy City Times: “Fundamentally, this isn’t surprising. “In every state where we’ve had this kind of law, they’ve challenged it, and every time, they’ve lost. So we’re ready.”


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  1. you are lying. True science shows this kind of therapy
    1. does not work. 2. is abusive. 3. Causes suicides (which you are fine with I’m sure) 3. Based on voodoo science (you apparently buy hook line and sinker because you are a hater)….

  2. You are lying there is NO objective science that proves therapy doesn’t work. The liberals spout about corrupt voodoo science, that does NOT prove cause and effect!
    Suicide only proves they were mentally ill to start with… you have no idea what true science is and its immoral for you to act like you do!
    Just to so the corruption homo advocates use in their studies:
    The authors of the study acknowledge significant limitations in their study design from the outset. Specifically, they admit to potential researcher bias (they are both openly homosexual psychologists), recruitment bias (they specifically advertised for participants who had failed therapy), recall bias (most respondents received therapy years before the survey), and self-report bias as researchers lacked any objective validation of respondents’ claims and/or experience. The authors also did not differentiate results according to whether respondents had received “therapy” from trained mental health professionals, a religious ministry, another lay source, or multiple sources. Additionally, authors did not rule out pre-morbid psychological conditions including depression and suicidality. Therefore, it is possible that the reported episodes of depression, suicidality, and other distressing psychological symptoms pre-dated rather than resulted from SOCE.
    To fully document the inherent sample bias, the authors included an appendix displaying the initial text used in participant recruitment, which was directed toward self-perceived treatment failures:
    Have you gone through counseling or therapy where you were encouraged to become heterosexual or ex-gay? The National Lesbian and Gay Health Association wants to hear from you. The organization is conducting research for a project entitled “Homophobic Therapies: Documenting the Damage.” The NLGHA is conducting a survey of lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals who have been in counseling that tried to change their sexual orientation. They intend to use the results to inform the public about the often harmful effects of such therapies. Participation in the survey is confidential. Persons who are interested in responding can participate either through e-mail, by telephone, or in person. No record of your name, Internet address, or any other identifying information will be kept.10
    After the initial 20 interviews, in which the authors received unexpected reports of positive outcomes, the recruitment verbiage was changed to be less biased against identifying positive outcomes. However, the authors continued to recruit subjects solely from pro-LGBQT (pro-gay-affirmative therapy) publications. Consequently, significant selection bias remained and was acknowledged by the authors themselves.
    This study has anecdotal value only. The authors have documented that there are individuals who have negative experiences attempting to diminish UHA, and there are others who have positive experiences; nothing more. The authors themselves state forthrightly that the data they presented, “do not provide information on the incidence and prevalence of failure, success, harm, help, or ethical violations in conversion therapy” (p.250, emphasis in original).10 Given this admission within the body of the paper, it is dishonest for the APA and others to claim that this research proves unacceptable rates of failure or harmful outcomes for patients who pursue their informed choice to diminish UHA under the care of a licensed mental health provider.
    The profound methodological flaws described above render the Flentje et al. nothing short of agenda driven research. No definitive claims about providing psychotherapy to adults or minors seeking to diminish homosexual attraction may be made based on this study. In this regard it resembles the earlier research by Shidlo and Schroeder, whose methodological shortcomings it repeats, only this time accompanied by unjustified conclusions regarding harm, lack of benefit, and professional practice.

    I didn’t post the article in its entirety because its quite long, but you’ll get the point!

  3. The commiecrats in this state are all for the right to choose to murder an unborn baby, but just let a teenager want to choose to have non-perverted and normal sexual attractions, those that align with the laws of nature and the tyrants in the state force their ignorant perverted viewpoint onto the mentally ill, they deny teens the right to choose!
    No one is born a homosexual, no one is genetically predisposed to homosexual behavior. Anyone who wants help for their mental sickness should be able to get it. Making a law that prevents a victim of an illness from getting professional help is inhumane and immoral.

  4. This is the voodoo science I’m talking about. You pull one study out of your bum? to go against the 100s of other studies…. you pick and chose what you want to believe…
    This kind of Therapy has lost in court because unlike you Judges dont pick and chose they read ALL THE EVIDENCE.
    All the evidence backs me up…. go away. Like you really care about anybody but yourself.

  5. you mean the parents of a teenager threatening to throw them out if they don’t “Straighten up”…. such loving christians who rather see their children dead than gay.
    So tell us mr religous.. How man times have you gone to church this year?
    Funny how folks find religion to justify their hate … ain’t it?

  6. Stop creating untrue scenarios… parents want what is best for their child and homosexuality isn’t best for the child. They deserve to be helped. Freedom stealing dirtbags like you think they own people and have a right to deny them professional help.
    I go to church more often than you, not that its any of your business. And more than once a week…. you should try it, maybe you will see the light and stop your lying & deceiving

  7. You have bums on the brain don’t you sodomite?
    I can’t post all the unscientific studies conducted by immoral unscrupulous homo activists…. it would take up far too much space.
    And what I posted is about an actual study, a biased and unscientific one conducted by homos.
    No study has ever shown cause and effect of psychotherapy being harmful.
    All you homo activists ever cite is poorly crafted, corrupt studies where they gathered participants based on getting a desired result. Its been widely reported some of those conducting the studies gave answers and money to participants. The afa’s position on psychotherapy is not supported by true science, all their so-called evidence is anecdotal. The studies they use don’t even consider the rapes of teen boys by homos in their suicide numbers.
    The deception became necessary for homo activists because everyone now knows homosexuality does not have a genetic basis.
    We were told homosexuals make up 10% of the population. That was a lie.
    We were told that “sexual orientation” is biologically determined like race. That was a lie.
    We were told that “sexual orientation” is unchangeable. That was a lie.
    Lies and more lies is all we ever get from homo activists!