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Kinzinger: Trump’s close to crossing the red line of the “unforgivable” [video]



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WHEATON – Congressman Adam Kinzinger told CNN's Wolf Blitzer Wednesday that he doesn't see how he'll get to supporting Donald Trump in November.

Kinzinger, who is opposed only by a little-known Libertarian in the conservative GOP 16th District's General Election, said during the RNC Convention he was hoping he could mildly for Trump. But Kinzinger said those hopes were dashed when things the candidate said about NATO and his "unbelievable spat" with the family of a fallen soldier, among other things, has made that nearly impossible now.

Besides blaming George W. Bush for 9-11, "[Trump's] close to crossing the red line of the unforgivable," Kinzinger said.


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  1. Hillary already crossed that line with the Clinton Foundation. It is a RICO lawsuit ready to be launched. So where is Congress pushing for this? Many of them are probably part of it. The damage to America & the selling of US uranium mines to Russia is unforgivable. A
    Watch Clinton Cash the movie on YouTube!! Our choices are to elect a narcissist or a criminal, a guy who says bad things or a lady who does bad things, a nationalist or a globalist. With Clinton we know what we will get- a continuation of criminal behavior (Clinton Foundation is a Ricco lawsuit in the waiting), the loss of the Supreme Court to justices who want to tear down our Constitution especially 1st & 2nd Amendment, corruption, cronyism & oligarchies in the US & around the world, open borders & a push for amnesty that will forever turn our red states to blue. And we will have a sexual predator & rapist as our First Man vs a First Lady who in her younger years was a model for porn.
    And please don’t listen to mainstream media, even Fox News. Murdock is a globalist & wants to maintain control, wealth, power & manipulate the masses. Hillary will do that for him. Go to Breitbart.com if you have questions. They are one of few left doing investigative journalism around the world & telling the facts.
    Watch Clinton Cash the movie on YouTube. You will see what Hillary is up to. Also go see Hillary’s America. It is a fascinating documentary on the Democrat Party & our American history that is not being taught in our schools.

  2. There needs to be an organized effort in two years and what is the Trump campaign now (the people who came to staff it) needs to run it and finance it, to primary every one of these RINOs. This thing could be more successful than the Tea Party of 2010.

  3. So Trump’s “spat” with the Khan family is more serious than Hillary’s private e-mail server, compromising national security, lying about Benghazi, taking millions of dollars from the Saudis, and screwing up the Middle East. Kinzinger, I am a vet as well, a former communications specialist who once held a top secret clearance. If Hillary was an E-5, she would now be out of the Army and stripped of her security clearance. Undoubtedly Russia or China has her emails (since she was so “careless”) and she is now subject to blackmail. Yet you attack the Republican nominee for a few harmless words. When will you call Hillary out? Trump is the nominee because of RINOs like you, vet or not.

  4. The problem is there are already lots of RINOs in district. I mean, Bob Pritchard is from this district. Most of the local GOP establishment are RINOs, with exception of Boone, Ogle, Ford, Iroquois, etc. BUT I’m aware of Republicans in those who are RINOs, they’ve even ruled in the past with the support of the few Democrats on those boards, AND they could come to rule again in an election or two IF the voters aren’t vigilant like they’ve been in the last election.

  5. you know whether you like it or admit. SHE WAS EXHONERATED BY A GOP CONGRESS..
    your man “Doooohhhh why can’t we nukes?” Trump is an absolute danger to this country. Millions in debt to Russian. Pals with Putin. Memorized Mein Kamph but has ZERO regard or knowledge for the constitution.
    You have chosen the next Hitler with butt cheeks wide open.
    Trump does not like to lose. So he’ll pull out in September to be as vindictive as possible and prevent the GOP from being able to replace him on the ticket. Thats how he rolls…… a little tiny nasty ugly man
    The folks speaking out against him are RIGHT and they are in a majority. You folks make whine loud but you don’t got the numbers.

  6. Wrong, buddy. Hillary was NOT exhonerated. Comey did not recommend prosecution, but his testimony to Congress indicated that she lied repeatedly and that ANYONE ELSE would have been prosecuted. One standard for her, one for the rest of us. She is above the law. Hillary represents the elite class, the uber rich, the Wall Street bankers. Do you not realize that the Democrats are now the party of the rich and powerful, not the Republicans? They are not for the “little guy,” but Trump is. You fool.