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New ad pushes for term limits



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CHICAGO – A new ad paid for by "Turnaround Illinois" is pushing for state lawmakers to vote on term limits in Illinois. 

A new Fix Illinois website to go with the ad says, "Insiders and special interests dominate the state. And too many politicians will do anything to hang on to power. Decades of mismanagement, corruption and insider deals have devastated Illinois."

"We need a new path forward. Illinoisans from both sides of the aisle agree the current system only benefits the politically connected. It’s time to limit the insiders’ power by enacting term limits. To bring back Illinois, we need to start by changing the system. It’s time to fix Illinois," it says.

"Let's all sign the term limit petition," Governor Bruce Rauner says at the very end of the 30-second spot.

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  1. I don’t understand why anyone would want term limits
    when taxes are so low and the State has lots of extra
    money and the bills are getting paid on time. Beside
    that, all the pensions are solid and well funded.
    It obvious the two party system with no term limits is
    the superior form of government.

  2. I’m all for term limits for Rauner and all of the GOP legislative candidates he wants. Rauner refused to attend the GOP National convention in support of our party’s nominee – Donald Trump. I’m not going to vote for a single one of his downticket Republican state legislative candidates.
    Where is that Rauner shill who told all of us conservatives to “put on our big boy pants” and vote for him? And Rauner takes his ball and goes home when it comes to a conservative Presidential nominee?
    Do these Rinos think we are entirely stupid and have no memories?

  3. EVERY Citizen in Illinois should demand term limits, and open their eyes to CHANGE because the gravy train has run aground. LOOK at CHICAGO borrowing money they don’t have and Probably never pay BACK(BK). NO politician would run their HOUSE like they run the State or City. People we are the government it is not a POT of GOLD somewhere, OUR taxes will continue to go UP, and people will continue to relocate which subtracts the TAX BASE. THe poorest TAX Paying citizens will always incur the largest deficit. THE RICH will never pay their fair Share…… WAKE UP NOW!!!!

  4. without term limits, the partisans will keep any crook in office; saying their side is always right!
    anyone who says “all sides” did not see this coming is lying to themselves! but you cannot expect people who live paycheck to paycheck to pay for the pensions that are more then they will ever see in a pay check!!!