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Police Review Authority releases camera videos of O’Neal shooting



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CHICAGO – Eight days ago, Chicago Police officers shot at a black 2002 Jaguar as it attempted to run them down. After hitting a squad car head on, the Jaguar driver reportedly shot at cops as he was exiting the car and trying to escape on foot.

The driver, 18 year old Paul O'Neal, died of his wounds. 

Three officers involved have been relieved of duty pending investigation.

Friday, the Illinois Police Review Authority released videos of cameras attached to the police involved in the incident. 

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The videos are available at Better Government Association's blog HERE. 


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  1. The actual shooting, which occurred on July 28, isn’t seen in the footage because the officer’s body camera didn’t record the moment he opened fire. However, police say the officer who shot O’Neal in the back violated policy. The teen, police learned, was not armed.

  2. Shooting people in the back for “suspicion of car theft”.. you just basically said its ok for our police to be judge, jury and execution without trial. When they come for your friends and family what will you say then? then it will be too late!
    DO you have even a little understanding of the US Constitution and the protections put in place to stop this? All citizens of this country have a right to trail. Not immediate death by Police who have more regard for the chase and kill than the constitution they are supposed to be supporting and protecting.

  3. You are such a child.
    The dead punk was wielding a 2000 pound deadly weapon and was threatening the lives of everyone in his path, including LEO.
    The threat had to be neutralized, and it was.
    Good shoot.
    Thank you CPD.
    I hope the owner of the stolen vehicle sues the family of the dead perp.

  4. Maybe Chicago’s Democrat city council doesn’t budget for police firearms training and practice?
    We have a County Board out here in Kane County largely controlled by people living in cities. They won’t properly budget enough funds for the County Sheriff’s deputies to patrol the county’s rural areas.
    In fact, the money shortage they created has forced the sheriff to pull the two deputies out of this county’s two rural high schools.