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Poll Shows Americans Strongly Support Immigration Reductions




WASHINGTON DC – Good-paying jobs being tough to find, state budgets overflowing in red ink, crime increasing, taxes skyrocketing, debts deepening – all of these issues are of concern to voters this campaign season. 

"Disapproval over America's mass immigration policies is a powder keg issue, with pollsters saying that Americans have reached a consensus that immigration is a problem, and maybe even "the problem," FAIRus.org says.

The Breitbart/Gravis had a number of findings that were clear:

  • Six to one – immigration should be decreased rather than increased;
  • 25 to one – unemployed Americans should have first dibs on jobs rather than foreign workers;
  • Majority believe immigration is a net drain on the U.S.
  • 61 percent believe that any politician who would hire a foreign worker over a U.S. worker is unfit to serve.
  • 75 percent believe the nation needs "an immigration system that puts American workers first, not an immigration system that serves the demands of employers seeking to reduce labor costs."
  • A majority of voters (55 percent) disagree with Hillary Clinton's call to release illegal immigrants arriving at the border into the United States and give them a chance to apply for asylum.

More on the issues at FAIRus.org


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  1. It won’t happen.
    The political elites of both parties want more immigration and de facto open borders. They are absolutely 100% committed to it.
    In addition we may have passed the ‘tipping point.” As we have more and more immigrants who have more and more children they are an increasingly strong bloc to push for more immigration so that there relatives and friends also can come here. They can not deny any one group therefore it is massive for all groups.
    This is further backed by politicians of these immigrant groups who gain more and more power in American politics.
    Anyone want to disagree with my analysis? And do you see other articles or people posting with the same views I have?
    Would love to hear from you.