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Thorner/Ingold: Musings from the Right




By Nancy Thorner & Ed Ingold - 

Musing #1: 

While Obama’s complicity in Hillary’s email scandal might be impeachable, hers is definitely indictable. The punishment for impeachment is limited to removal from office. No criminal sanctions can be imposed. However if Trump wins, and a new justice department is organized, indictment of Hillary, Obama, Lynch and others becomes a distinct possibility. Look at the numbers. It takes a simple majority of the House to impeach, but two-thirds of the Senate to convict. It only takes 12 to convict in a criminal trial, and they’re not drawn from Congress. Even if an indictment were not to follow, the damage to Obama’s “legacy” would be devastating. His Presidential Library would consist of donations from Marvel Comics.

We sincerely believe there is an “October Surprise” in the works. The likely source would be insider information, complete with irrefutable documentation, from one or more disgruntled FBI agents who worked the case, to Wikileaks. Over 150 agents were involved, as well as their colleagues who were publicly shamed by Comey and Lynch. In Washington, when two people know something, it’s no longer a secret.                                                   

Comey’s press conference announcing the results of the investigation are clearly reminiscent of Marc Anthony’s eulogy of Caesar to the Forum. The twist is best phrased, “We come not to bury Hillary, but to praise her.”

Musing #2:

Watching the news on Monday, Sept. 19, Trump was deemed “reckless” for calling the bomb a bomb without waiting for official confirmation. Hillary was deemed prudent for her more measured response (although she called it a bomb before it wasn’t a bomb, Kerry style). Of course, Hillary is so measured that she can’t utter the name of our common enemy – Islamic Jihadism. Her new approach to “looking presidential” more closely resembles sedation.

This brings to mind a timeless quote from Mark Twain. “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you take,” which pretty well describes the Obama/Hillary approach to foreign policy.

Musing #3:

It was interesting hearing Governor Cuomo (D) speak on the apprehension of the terror suspect in the New York bombings, also on Sept. 19.  According to Cuomo, “We always get our man … or woman.” What level of political correctness demands such respect for criminals? Can you imagine J. Edgar Hoover announcing to the press, “We always get our person”?

In listening to Fox News’ Shep Smith on this subject (and the emphasis is on finished), poor Smith rambles on and on, filling in missing details with his personal recollections. Did you know, for example, that there is an all-night Chinese restaurant on the same street the first bomb went off? That people were ordered indoors in such nice weather, when in a few weeks winter will confine them to their 400 square foot apartments? That police handcuff wounded suspects prior to taking them to the hospital?

Smith’s talents seem to be keeping the air filled with sound, and his head filled with air. He should be reporting the weather or sports color.

The suspect, shirt pulled up around his neck waiting for the ambulance, appeared strangely unperforated after over a dozen shots were exchanged with the police. His eyes were open and he was looking about. Where did all those bullets actually go? Somewhere harmlessly I hope. Is there a remedial shooting school for police, like summer class in reading? The officer in Ferguson, MO struck Brown 9 times out of 12, and he was driven out his chosen profession. Let no good deed go unpunished.

Musing #4:

In an interview with Matt Lauer, Donald Trump expressed disappointment with the military general staff, saying that Obama had “reduced them to rubble.” The press was quick to seize on this statement as disrespect for the military, which Trump vigorously denies. This bears a closer look.

Obama has fired or retired at least 18 generals and over 200 field grade officers since taking office. Among those ousted are Generals McChrystal and Petraeus, both leaders of the first order in the fight against radical Islam and experts in fighting asymmetrical warfare. Apparently it is not enough that military officers agree with Obama in public, per constitutional law, but in private too. He will not tolerate dissent at any level. This can be a fatal error in both government and business, when leaders surround themselves only with those who agree with them. 

Obama’s actions go beyond politics on a more personal level. He is intolerant of criticism at any level. Basically insecure, his ideology must be unchallenged, and he will resort to any means to preserve his narrative, however unrelated to reality.

In the meantime, Trump has gained the public endorsement of over 200 retired general officers, including 80 in attendance at his widely broadcast “admission” that Obama indeed was born in the United States.


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  1. If he ever becomes President Trump will do what Trump wants. Not what you want. Trump is for Trump alone and no one else. This is VERY CLEAR.
    You are willing to give the keys of the country to a man so unqualified to be President it makes the head spin. For carrots like these? You think Trump will actually keep his lying word? really? he lies to everyone except you? cause he luuuurvs you…. lol.
    YOU will not be forgotten for backing the next Hitler. Anybody who took you seriously before now knows you as a buffoon willing to sell out the country for a conservative carrots being dangled by Trump the fake.
    Look at you all excited … oh oahhh impeachment… oh ahhh indictments… FOR WHAT? for being your political enemy? This is how dictatorships work… not a Democracy. How very communist of you. Your wet dreams show us exactly who you are.

  2. Obama’s library should frame and mount on the entry way walls:
    (a) his REAL birth certificate,
    (b) his Christian baptismal certificate,
    (c) his College transcripts, and
    (d) the passport he used to illegally travel to Pakistan.
    The exhibits should also show the quarter-page record of all he “accomplished” while in the Illinois State Legislature.

  3. Hitlery and Obama are liars of epic proportions. Trump is a choir boy compared to those two!
    No president has ever violated the U.S constitution as much as Muslim Obama… Obama doesn’t recognize the fact he was granted limited authority and was never granted the authority to make law.
    The Obama justice department is without question the MOST corrupt in American history, and Hitlery has been a beneficiary of that corruption.
    The vast leftwing conspiracy against the truth continues, no really, it is….