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Why is College So Expensive?



Why is college tuition so high? Why are so many students in so much debt? Is it the fault of colleges, the government, or both? And can anything be done?


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  1. I think the better question is why do “Republican” business executives hire exclusively from college graduates? Well, a whole bunch of them apparently have “problems” with Trump, so I guess that kinda answers the question. Still, if these people would begin to recruit out of high school or associates programs, then the bubble would implode. Or do these college educated execs actually want college educated liberals? It would appear so. I’ll grant them that the left has made it really difficult to employ aptitude testing because of made up” discrimination,” but that still isn’t a very good excuse since there are ways to screen applicants that relates directly to the work.

  2. Get a college degree, visit a potential employer, see the Human Resources stooge look at your transcript, hear him dismiss you as he tells you that you’re “over qualified.”
    WHY? Because he fears you may be able to take HIS job.
    So much for the value of a college degree.
    All it teaches you is how to work for someone else.
    I have a B.A. I learned I’d rather work for myself.
    For that, I did not need a college degree, or the expense it cost me to earn one.
    “College” is just an INDUSTRY, same as any other, but also with it’s own built-in “con-game.”