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Taxpayers Don’t Realize They’re Paying Billions to Service the National Debt



This past spring, Netflix—the beloved online video streaming service—announced it would raise its monthly subscription fees.

The first price hike in June cost between $1 and $2 per month. One consumer was angry enough to file a class action lawsuit. This discontent is typical when consumers feel the impact of higher payments directly. But when costs go up and effects aren’t felt for a long time, that same sense of outrage isn’t there.

Consider the massive increase in interest costs on the national debt projected over the next decade. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that interest payments on the national debt will double in fewer than five years and triple before the end of the decade. Where’s the public outrage now?




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  1. IN 2008 the total interest paid on federal debt was $451,154,049,950.63…. I find it difficult to believe 8 years later, for fiscal year 2016 the interest is just $432,649,652,901.12 when the national debt has increased by nearly 10 trillion dollars. They may have restructured the interest paid on debt but this is hard to believe. I smell cooking the books or now you see it now you don’t accounting