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IL GOP jabs possible Dem gubernatorial nominee, three more lawmakers



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CHICAGO – Wednesday, the Illinois Republican Party added Chicago Democrat Chris Kennedy and three state legislators to its list of Madigan flunkies on the party's new BossMadigan.com website.

Over the summer, Chris Kennedy earned a glowing endorsement from Mike Madigan after secretly meeting with him, but ran away when pressed by reporters.

“Mike Madigan endorsing a run for governor by Chris Kennedy tells you everything you need to know about Chris Kennedy,” said Illinois Republican Party spokesman Steven Yaffe. “Chris Kennedy secretly kissed Mike Madigan's ring months ago because he knows Madigan is the real boss.”

The IL GOP's specific critiques poked at Kennedy, as well as Democrat House members Fred Crespo, Deb Conroy and Jay Hoffman:

Chris Kennedy
Before he can announce a run for governor, Chris Kennedy knew he first had to kiss the ring of Mike Madigan. That’s why Kennedy secretly met with Madigan, but so far he’s refused to talk about it.  
In fact, instead of discussing his meeting with Madigan, his thoughts on the income tax or his opinion on reforms for state government, Kennedy lashed out at reporters. Learn more by watching this video.

Fred Crespo
Fred Crespo’s taken nearly $1 million in political funds from Mike Madigan and voted 5 times to make Madigan the Speaker of the House. While Madigan and Crespo look out for each other, they’ve also teamed on a phony budget that would have increased state debt by $8 billion or forced a massive tax hike on Illinois families. Worst of all, Crespo voted to make sure he gets paid even while he refuses to pass a balanced budget.

Deb Conroy
Mike Madigan funneled over $1.2 million into Deb Conroy’s campaign accounts, and she voted to make him Speaker every time she had the opportunity. That’s not all. Madigan and Conroy both voted to make sure they get paid even without a state budget.

It’s no wonder Madigan and Conroy are refusing to pass a balanced budget alongside good government reforms. They already made sure they get paid even if schools and social services suffer. Time for Conroy to break away from Madigan.

Jay Hoffman
Jay Hoffman is one of Mike Madigan’s most loyal lieutenants. Hoffman voted 11 times to make Mike Madigan the Speaker. He voted in favor of Madigan’s 67% income tax hike with no reforms. He voted for the Madigan-Blagojevich pension scheme that increased debt by up to $22 billion. He voted with Madigan to make sure politicians get paid before schools and social service providers. Last, but not least, Hoffman voted for Madigan’s $8 billion out-of-balance budget.

Jay Hoffman is the poster-child for what happens when politicians follow Mike Madigan’s commands. It’s time for Hoffman to finally show some independence and oppose Madigan’s next bid for Speaker.


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  1. Is Kennedy any relation to Senator Ted “The Lady Killer” Kennedy? He shows the same arrogance.
    Also, nice to see a recent “fat” picture of this guy, as all of them in the newspapers appear to be old file-photos taken ten or more years ago, when he was thin.