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Olivet Nazarene University Tigers to represent Illinois in Trump Inauguration Parade



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BOURBONNAIS – Friday, the 58th Presidential Inauguration Committee announced that Olivet Nazarene University's Marching Tigers will be among those participating in the Trump/Pence Inauguration Parade on January 20, 2017.

The only band listed thus far from Illinois, ONU's marching band was featured earlier this year in London's annual New Year Parade. The Marching Tigers are directed by Matt Stratton. 

Olivet is a Christian university founded in 1907, and the main campus is located one hour south of Chicago in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Olivet Nazarene University is a liberal arts university with more than 100 areas of study and is home to 2,600 undergraduate students.

Their London performance is featured in the last five minutes of this YouTube video:


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  1. They applied before anyone knew who president would be, meaning they were willing to play for whoever OUR president would be. Sounds pretty fair to me. Would you rather them be playing for a criminal, condoning her actions? I think not. 🙂

  2. As an alumni, I am very disappointed in this decision to march in the Inaugural Parade. I will be emailing and calling to voice my concerns. Marching in this parade and supporting the President Elect does not follow my Christian values.

  3. No, the true racist is your man Obama. This is a great honor for the students and the university. The policies of the democrats have failed the nation, it is time to to put American workers first and rebuild our great nation.

  4. “He (or she) who has no sin, cast the first stone.” And I make no excuses for the fact that a Christian university is participating in the 2017 Inaugural Parade. This is about God and country, not about a single man. God Bless America and God Bless PEOTUS Donald J.Trump!

  5. I am so proud of this University Band. And what an honor to march in an presidential inauguration parade, no matter what political party you are part of. God will surely bless the participants. America is still the greatest country there is. God bless the ONU band and God bless America.

  6. You’re so right. How dare a bunch of young upstanding citizens represent a state with such high ethics as Illinois in a national tradition that spans over 200 years. The gall of them all. Your statement sounds a little . . .intolerant if I must point it out to you It’s an opportunity for students to participate in civics.

  7. What better way to show Christs love. Do not judge lest he be judge if I may say. God can fix anyone’s heart.
    I’m. Nazarene, even though I did not attend this university. I’m proud they are attending.
    My God Bless your travels.

  8. I think this is a great opportunity for the ONU Marching Tigers. It is not about politics or or endorsing a president elects beliefs, morals or whatever else folks think. It is an opportunity for a fabulous band to represent a great university! Go Tigers!

  9. This isn’t about who we are playing for. This is about why we are playing. We are playing because we were invited to have the honor of playing in the parade. I currently go to ONU and my girlfriend is in the band and I am in football. I am extremely proud of what they have accomplished and very excited for this chance to spread God’s word and bring others to Christ through this parade. ONU should not be ashamed of accepting this invitation. They should be honored for being invited to play in this inaugural parade. I don’t want to hear any negativity from alumni. You should be proud of what they have achieved.

  10. So disappointed in my alma mater and in White Evangelical Christians. Can you not see anything from a perspective other than your own? Whether fair or not, participation in this sets us up for being viewed as supporting this president and his hateful words… We are killing our witness to others that proclaims God’s love for everyone…

  11. I’m truly not trying to be rude, but how do you think playing in this parade will bring others to Christ? Most of those you want to bring to Christ will never understand how ONU could support this man. And whether it is meant to show support of him or not, that’s how it will be perceived by those outside the church.

  12. As we look at most of the past presidents, a majority had their problems as well. So, should we ban all presidential parades? I think not. There are many occasions where Christians participate in order to bring a little positive into the setting. We call it shining light in darkness. John 1:5

  13. I can’t imagine you not being proud for Olivet and this great honor that they have. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus and what a better way to represent Him and allow His love to flow though them with the whole world watching. Will be praying for all of these young students as they participate in this parade.

  14. Cant understand why one would be disappointed in their alma mater having such a wonderful opportunity. Why would we not want our college to represent our county and our President. What an honor for Olivet and the band. I just don’t understand, I don’t like our present President, but I would not object to our college participating in something that honors our nation. I think we have gotten our eyes on the wrong thing here and not on God and our county. God can use these young people to be a light for Him in a world that needs His hope and love.

  15. What an honor for the ONU band members. Many Indiana high school bands have marched in the Macys Thanksgiving parade and Rose Bowl parades: not because they shopped at Macys or were supporters of the schools whose foorball teams were playing; but because of the opportunity. Any ONC/ONU student or graduate should be glad these band members have this opportunity and honor.


  17. Trump is a stupid pig… end of discussion. He’s thinks he’s better than the CIA, the FBI, the multitude of Government.. because he’s a pig with a silver spoon in his mouth. He thinks that silver spoon makes him classy
    he’s still a pig. and unchristian p*ssy grabbing, corrupt pig. You voted for him knowing this… now reap the rewards.
    Rah rah the marching band marches for a pig who got voted in via white affirmative action. All the whites voted for an idiot. That’s affirmative action right? Giving someone unqualified a job? because they’re a minority or mentally off?
    You voted for him. OWN IT.
    I want to see his high school diploma!

  18. I’m proud that ONU band is involved in the inauguration. It is an historical thing and something they all will always remember! Why criticize them? it gets the university’s name out there and who knows but that someone may attend and become a Christian! I attended ONU when it was ONC. Proud of them!

  19. I’m sure it won’t be long before you leave the church your part of now. No church is perfect. Keep looking for a place that fits perfection. On the other hand, why not stay somewhere and make a change and a difference.

  20. I find it refreshing that Illinois is receiving national recognition for doing something positive. Congratulations to Olivet! The office of the United States President is greater than any one person or political party. And Illinois is being portrayed in a positive manner for a change instead of media coverage stating that one more Illinois elected official is being sent to prison somewhere for something illegal.

  21. Hi, VLP. Thanks for your polite reply to my comment. I feel like under normal circumstances it would be a great honor to be asked to play for this, regardless of which part affiliation. Where I’m struggling is in the area of those who have felt marginalized by some of the things Trump has said throughout the campaign–women, Mexicans, etc… The press has made it very clear that over 80% of White Evangelicals voted for Trump. That means that to those who feel marginalized, they know that what was said about them and what was threatened against them, wasn’t a deal breaker to most white Christians. I just think that playing in the parade as a Christian Evangelical school will only distance from us the very people we want to reach for Christ. It’s not about our arguing with each other and our perspective–it’s about theirs…. I’m not trying to argue with you–I’m just trying to explain my concerns.

  22. VLP, thanks for your polite comment. I agree that in normal circumstances this would be a great opportunity. What I am concerned about is the people who have felt marginalized and afraid due to some of the comments Trump has made about various groups throughout the campaign–women, Mexicans, etc… The press has made it very clear that over 80% of White Evangelical Christians voted for Trump. That means, to those who are afraid, that the things Trump said about them and threatened them with were not deal-breakers to most Christians. I guess where I’m concerned is that if the band plays in the parade it will be taken as just further support for the cruel things he said (whether or not that is true). If these are people we are trying to reach for Christ, we have to see this from their perspective. They won’t let us point them to Christ if they think we are against them. I just don’t feel that this opportunity will be a chance to be ‘salt and light’ to the world. I think it will do the opposite, whether that is our intention or not. Again, thanks for engaging in this discussion. I think we want the same thing–we just disagree on how to do it! 🙂

  23. Jesus wouldn’t be encouraging his followers (who have been taught to not judge, to love their neighbor, and to take care of those who need it) to support someone who does the opposite of those things. I still can’t wrap my head around “Christians” who so strongly support such a racist, sexist, Xenophobe and con artist while criticizing those who are standing up for the things that Jesus actually stood for. I feel sorry for your blindness. I do not wish upon you the harsh reality of what you voted for that is surely coming unless Trump is stopped. He doesn’t care about anything except himself. Never has, never will.

  24. I have been in the Nazarene Church approx 62 years and am still just as proud of their values today as I was the day I started.Just because some donot like Trump does not mean the whole world should feel that way.Sure he has done wrong,haven’t we all?I do believe with all that is in me,that he has won for a reason.I donot question God’s reasoning,but He knows how he can use him.God has used sinners in the past to promote His Kingdom and He has forgiven many sinners who come to Him for forgiveness.Are you judge and jury for Trump?Shouln’t we leave that up to God?Do you know Trump has not asked God to forgive him for his past discretions,the same as you and I have to do?I agree there is no perfect Church and if ever there was,once you or I stepped into it,it would no longer be so,but I will not reach perfection until I enter the Pearly Gates.Maybe instead of critizing the President Elect,if we would all band together as professing Christians and Pray for him,perhaps he can do a good job.

  25. I think it’s great that ONU is being represented in the inaugural parade. As a Nazarene, I am disappointed in the church because the Nazarene church is not what it started out to be. Not enough Nazarene pastors are preaching the word of God!

  26. I believe you should be proud of this University for participating in a historical event. It’s not about one man, but about how we are viewed as a nation. One man does not control this country but many men and women. How can a body survive if we all don’t work in conjunction with the other parts. This is an opportunity for this University to play a small part in history, and is a great opportunity for these students. Regardless of who was elected the school had already applied to perform. In order to be the hands and feet of Jesus we must put ourselves out among the masses. We cannot convert the world sitting in our homes judging those who are out there among the people. Jesus lived and witnessed among the less desirables, why can’t we follow His example?? Those who’ve attended ONU and are ashamed of their attendance in the inaugural parade obviously didn’t learn to condemn the sin not sinner. You who is without sin cast the first stone. Judge ye not lest you shall be judged. You must first remove the plank from your eye before removing the speck from your neighbors. I for one am proud of this opportunity that the university is taking. My daughter will be marching with the ONU Tigers. She does not support Trump or Clinton but refuses to not be a part of this historical event. What would Jesus want them to do? I believe He’d want them out there witnessing instead of being judgemental and critical of every opportunity He gives them to shine His light and love.

  27. you put yourself before the masses when you voted in Trump. People saw and see the hypocrisy of evangelicals who spout religion while voting in a man who is a pig,…..thats the message you have given non-believers. That you are hypocrites willing to vote Satan in as long as Satan promises to make it all all better for you while making everybody else not you miserable. You voted in Satan to make this a better christian country?? You show the world you are willing to put targets on the backs of people in the name of Religion….. good work! brother!
    The made up stories of Obama’s authoritarian regime will pale in comparison to the REAL authoritative regime you just voted in.
    His love affair with Putin the murderer is Treasonous.

  28. Not true. Bowling said so. Google it. Oh by the way. In 2009, Bowling and his wife, Jill, purchased a Trump Tower condo for more than $1 million, according to the Cook County recorder of deeds, and put the property in a trust in 2015. In March 2015, the Bowlings bought a more expensive Trump Tower condo, a 46th floor unit purchased for $2 million, county records show.
    Jill Bowling gave $800 to Trump’s campaign last September, Federal Election Commission records show.

  29. None of them attended ONU. They attended College of Soros. Look at their talking points. All of the leftie trolls here are pasting the exact same clichés. No variation. They are paid lefties with the same talking points, not concerned Nazarene students.