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State by State Migration



This infographic presents the United States Census Bureau data about state-by-state migration. The figures shown here reflect Census estimates of both domestic and international migration, which includes immigrants and U.S. citizens relocating from abroad. Estimates do not reflect the number of births and deaths.




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  1. Reapportionment doesn’t actually help Republicans. That’s the biggest lie on Earth. I went back through reapportionments to 1990 and determined that, compared with his year’s election results, reapportionments since then got Republicans a net of one electoral vote. There are a few reasons. The first is that former red states, which had gained electoral votes for the last few reappointments, turned blue. The second is illegal aliens, which accounts for the buoying of states like Illinois and California. In other words, states that had previously been red not only turned dark blue, but they’re protected from losing any or very many electoral votes.