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Cook County chocolate drink will cost $2.56 a gallon more with proposed soda pop tax



CHICAGO – Illinois families will notice a substantial hike at the grocery checkout if a new tax on sugary drinks to be voted on this week in the Illinois Senate becomes law.

The new statewide tax will add a one cent per ounce tax to sugary drinks such as soda pop, fruit drinks, flavored drink powders and chocolate-flavored drink. 

The proposed one cent per ounce tax will double the Cook County one cent per ounce tax that is already poised go into effect in July 2017. 

The so-called soda pop tax will increase the cost of a gallon of chocolate drink by $1.28 statewide and $2.56 in Cook County. 

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  1. I emailed my state senator, Sen. Terry Link (a Waukegan Democrat), and I asked him to vote against that bill. On Sen. Radogno’s facebook page, I said that, if she votes for that bill, she’ll get a primary opponent, in 2018.

  2. A raise on the price of “Chocolate MILK?”
    This is typical if the sneaky way taxes get raised in Illinois:
    “Milk” is left out of the increase,
    but IF it is “CHOCOLATE” milk, it’s re-classified as a “sugared soft drink.”

  3. Remember, the Illinois Democrats represent working families. They are protecting us from those heartless Republicans. So if this sugar tax is protecting working families then you should trust them to make the right decisions for all us. They have done such of good job over the past 15 years protecting their majority despite catosstrophic polices and corruption. Heck they even got a Chicago guy into the White House and boy did he show the country hoe it’s done.
    Protecting working class families.