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Rhoads: Fantasy and “Alternative Facts”



By Mark Rhoads - Facts

I have said many times here since Nov. 8 that I want President Trump to be a success for the sake of all Americans. But I still have cause to worry about his immature habits such as inventing his own facts.

On Saturday, President Trump told Press Secretary Sean Spicer to say that his Inauguration crowd numbers were the highest in history and that is just false.

On Monday Sean Spicer held a good general briefing for reporters but in the afternoon President Trump repeated to members of Congress that he actually won the national popular vote on Nov. 8 because some three million illegal aliens voted.

That claim is ridiculous and Trump offers no supporting evidence for his crazy assertions. Yes, we all understand that most of the mainstream media is hostile to President Trump. But why keep giving that same media so much free ammunition to use against the truthfulness his administration?

Why keep indulging in petty tweets in the middle of the night over personal feuds? Why continue to pretend that the  Communist dictator of Russia will be our friend?  This behavior is beyond eccentric and somehow the President has to learn some normal self-discipline to be taken seriously and move on to the business of governing.


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  1. Mark, you’ve had a Case of the [email protected]@ for Trump from Day One.
    Trump has been in office for only TWO working days, and YOU, the Associated Press, CNN, the Washington Post and New York Times are already at it.
    The Media has chosen petty crap like this to attack Trump, but where were they the first week in Obama’s regime?
    The Democrats whine about Trump’s actions yesterday, wanting time to “study” his policies.
    But remember how fast ObamaCare was rammed through Congress? In case your memory is short, here’s a Nancy Pelosi quote:
    “You can READ it AFTER you’ve PASSED IT!”

  2. You are not being honest with yourself when you blindly defend the insecure mental delusions of President Donald Trump. If he keeps this up maybe he should be committed and let Pence govern like a rational adult person. Even Sean Spicer had to back off today and meekly said that the president “believes what he believes.”

  3. The #NeverTrump Illinois milquetoast, 70s Republicans are now reduced – in their fevered resentments – to parroting the leftist mainstream media narrative.
    Trump is establishing an electoral realignment, not seen since the Reagan Presidency (which the 70s IL GOP RINOs also opposed.)
    Perhaps it is time for you to join your old 70s colleague, Roger Keats, down in the sunbelt to soak in the sun and and maunder fondly over the good old Gerald Ford days.