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Democrat Franks spotlights Illinois’ property tax devastation



SPRINGFIELD – As one of his final House floor speeches before ending his term as state representative, Tuesday, Democrat Jack Franks of McHenry pled with his House colleagues to pass a bill he co-sponsored that would institute a statewide permanent property tax freeze. 

Franks said Illinois' property taxes had become so burdensome that seniors could no longer afford to live close to their children, making the situation "anti-family."  

The bill passed the House, but the 99th General Assembly adjourned before it was heard in the Senate.


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  1. The schools and Education system in Illinois take over SEVENTY-THREE PERCENT of our property tax dollars.
    How many teachers in your local schools are making over 90k a year? How many are making over 100k a year?
    Time to start asking hard questions of the local SCHOOL BOARD candidates who are asking for your vote in the upcoming April 4th local elections…

  2. They don’t even pay their own pension contribution in most districts. It’s so convulauted that the pension mess is created at the same time that the property tax mess is created. The district’s pay ever increasing contributions which create ever increasing ‘obligations.’ The problem is collective bargaining. They strike during the school year and school boards back down within the week. Isn’t it funny how they claim that they work every hour of the night, weekends and during the summer, yet they drag their feet, kick and scream at the suggestion of prohibiting strikes during 8 hours of each weekday from 8-4? Gee, I wonder why?

  3. The very first McHenry County Board meeting he had control of the agenda, what does he do? Has an item placed on the agenda to INCREASE McHenry County property taxes by $80,000.
    He did not vote on it but HE placed it on the agenda.
    The Supreme Court has ruled it is legal for politicians to lie!