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Duckworth confirms support for Planned Parenthood funding




WASHINGTON – Illinois' newly-sworn in Democrat junior senator Tammy Duckworth declared her first official position on Twitter as U.S. senator Sunday afternoon.

It's really no surprise – and no different than the position ousted Republican Senator Mark Kirk held before her. "#IStandwithPP" Duckworth tweeted.

Duckworth is and Kirk was staunchly supportive of Planned Parenthood – despite irrefutable evidence that clinics throughout the nation illegally sells baby body parts to universities and medical companies. 

Duckworth's tweet: 

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.21.04 AM

Duckworth's support for the providing federal funding to the clinics ignores the large number of Illinoisans that oppose taxpayer funding of abortions – especially those outside of the Chicago area. Still she acknowledges her commitment to representing "every corner of our great state" in a Tweet last Friday:  

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 10.23.30 AM


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  1. Your taxes already don’t pay for abortions. 3% of planned parenthood budge goes towards abortions. 97% of the budgets goes to well care. These cuts will hurt woman looking for pre-natal care and exams while pregnant. more babies will die more woman will die…. because you used a hacksaw.
    This will hurt you all in the long run.
    Using fake news to close down the only source of any healthcare to millions of woman AND their families is not going to change any minds on abortion.. but it will solidify folks determination to fight you with everything they got because you all are vindictive.

  2. Just curious, Oh really –
    How much does the DNC pay you to play at the computer and make a fool of yourself every day? Why not identify yourself to us with a real name if you’re so sure of what you say?
    The videos of Planned Parenthood agents selling baby body parts were not “fake news” – they were real and they sprang an in-depth Congressional investigation that revealed horrific facts on Planned Parenthood invoices. They were worse than the videos showed.
    If you think it’s fine to use human body parts for experimentation, perhaps you’re kin to the Germans that used Jewish body parts to make lampshades and furniture. Anyone that defends using human body parts is inhumane and should be ashamed of him or herself.

  3. sorry you are wrong… the men who made this film were charged with many things…. they spliced the film to make YOU angry. You realize investigations into these allegations showed nothing illegal had occurred. Except for the criminal behaviour of the people who made this film. Not one single person from Planned Parenthood charge… because if WAS FAKE.
    Facts are facts Planned Parent provides WELL CARE TO WOMAN, THEIR CHILDREN AND THEIR HUSBANDS. This will hurt those people.
    End of discussion. You care about unborn fetuses and give not one rats ass about born children. If you did you would not take healthcare away from those children. PERIOD. YOU WOULD KILL FOR YOUR IDEOLOGY. YOU MAKE ME SICK. YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE.
    unborn fetuses get the protecting… born children get thrown to the gutter by the likes of you!

  4. Wow, oh really –
    You’re one sick pup. I would ask Illinois Review to not allow a platform for your rantings and pathetic accusations. You’re showing just how desperate Leftists are. We’re seeing true colors for the first time.
    Conservatives handled themselves with dignity during the torturous eight years of Obama. It will take decades to correct the disaster left in his wake. We handled it, and we’re stronger for it. We learned.
    Perhaps you would do well to sit down, take a deep breath, and learn a little yourself.

  5. Duckworth is simply following in Durbin’s footsteps.
    As an Illinois State senator he was “pro-life,” once elected to the Federal Senate he became “pro-choice,” because that’s the way the wind blows in Washington….and with the wind comes Democrat and liberal campaign fund donations.

  6. Well said! I am shocked at the accusation of selling body parts! This is untrue as well. This site needs to be closed down until this misinformation is corrected. Btw, when PP was closed in Kentucky, teen pregnancies & new HIV/AIDs cases rose sharply. Do we need more HIV cases in Illinois?

  7. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider. There are accounting tricks to manipulate the numbers for the 3% of their budget, but the fact is federal dollars fund the private business called Planned Parenthood and there are thousands of other great clinics that can easily treat women without providing federally funded abortion services. All state and federal funds should be pulled from Planned Parenthood.

  8. I am shocked that you believe that Planned Parenthood did not sell body parts. The Project Veritas videos were edited for time and content, not substance. They were verified and the entire, unedited versions of the videos are available. I am shocked that our culture is okay with what the executives at Planned Parenthood have done, and that we simply turn a blind eye to this.