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Shimkus to chair committee set to rein in EPA and anti-coal regs




WASHINGTON DC – Illinois Congressman John Shimkus (R-15) announced Monday that he will be leading the House's Environment Subcommittee for another six-year term. The subcommittee – a part of the House Energy and Commerce Committee – oversees the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and will now have jurisdiction over the Clean Air Act in addition.

In that spot, Shimkus will have a key role in undoing rules and regulations that have had a devastating effect on Southern Illinois' coal industry.

“I’m honored and excited to continue working directly on issues affecting central and southern Illinois,” Shimkus said. “The subcommittee will take the lead on reining in the EPA, dismantling the Obama Administration’s anti-coal rules and regulations, and reforming the Renewable Fuels Standard to provide certainty to producers, refiners and consumers.” 

In previous sessions, Shimkus led a bipartisan update of the Toxic Substances Control Act – a chemical safety law affecting virtually every American consumer. The new law, praised by industry and environmental groups alike, protects people across the country from unsafe chemical exposure by making long needed improvements to the way EPA tests and regulates over 85,000 different chemicals and substances. 

“John’s work to enact the most meaningful update to our chemical safety laws in forty years showcase the tenacity and legislative expertise he will bring to bear as he takes the helm of the Subcommittee on Environment,” said Congressman Greg Walden (R, Oregon-02), who chairs the full Energy and Commerce Committee.

“He has been a dedicated member of this committee and the future is bright at the Subcommittee on Environment. I know John will work towards enacting solutions that capitalize on our energy abundance and that deliver affordable, reliable electricity, and jobs to folks around the country.”

In addition to chairing the Environment Subcommittee, Shimkus will also serve on the Health Subcommittee, which will work to replace Obamacare, as well as on the Energy Subcommittee and the Communications and Technology Subcommittee. 


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  1. Illinois is the 5th largest coal producer, amazing how neglected it is by northeastern Illinois. Skyrocketing electric rates is the Obama legacy here when, in fact, Illinois should have the most affordable electricity in the country. Plus, Illinois has tremendous fracking potential stymied by northeastern Illinois.