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Rhoads: How many pink hats really voted?




By Mark Rhoads - 

The First Amendment gives all of us the right to demonstrate for or against anything we want to. Many conservatives now started to become more active in Tea Party marches in 2009.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of women marched to in general vent their anger at President Trump.  I have to say "in general" because the specifics of their anger are a little vague in what appeared to be a CNN-sponsored show.

Some of the marchers say they want to create a "Tea Party on the Left" but I have to wonder how many of these newly visible marchers actually voted at some polling place on Nov. 8, 2016?

The marchers were mostly white, but election data shows that Trump won 53 percent of white women who actually voted on Nov. 8.

So who are these marchers?  They appear to be mostly the most solid Hillary Clinton diehard voters who were older white college-educated elites but they were not a majority of women who voted.

Many elitists love to be vocal and visible as part of being fashionable, but at the same time many elitists seem to think that routine political work at the precinct level is beneath them so they do not wind up as precinct captains or field workers. Marching with friends can be fun but it is not necessarily a tactic that leads to long-term effective political activism for a specific goal.

After 2009 the Tea Party developed some factions and it is reasonable to expect that the pink hats will also fracture over time. There were many legitimate reasons for Republicans to be critical of bad behavior and comments by Donald Trump before Nov. 8.

Being president does not absolve anyone from criticism be it former Presidents Carter, Clinton, Bush 41 or 43 or President Obama.  President Trump will get more than his share of critics thanks to the slant of the media.

But from now on as president, he deserves to be judged on his actual deeds in office rather than careless tweets before he entered office.   


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  1. How many voted? Based solely on my social circle, 100% of them. I doubt women (and men) that are politically motivated enough to travel, make signs, knit hats, and march aren’t politically motivated enough to vote.
    Including one friend of mine, a Presbyterian minister that marched wearing a stole covered in the names of dozens of people that weren’t able to make it, but asked to be included.
    Oh, and Trump may have won white women, just as he won all the other white demographics, but he lost spectacularly among women overall, 54/42.

  2. About 12 hours ago, I emailed the organizers of the Chicago march. I said, “Who is trying to take away your rights? Which rights are they trying to take? How are they trying to take your rights?” I haven’t received a response. I hope some of you will email the organizers. Their email address is [email protected].

  3. I continue to be astounded by Christians (like the Presbyterian minister and fellow church goers) who voted for Clinton despite her adamant pro-abortion stance (and this after the expose videos of Planned Parenthood last year). These marches are about abortion primarily, which no one is threatening to take away and certainly hasn’t been taken away in the past 2 days. These women are one issue voters: abortion. They cannot see the bigger picture at all but are focused only on reproduction. Ironically, their candidate, Hillary, who took millions and millions of dollars from Saudia Arabia would have been a bigger threat to their rights than Trump, since she wanted to bring in hundreds of thousands of “Syrian” Muslim refugees, thereby importing people who believe in Sharia law and have a total disdain for women.

  4. Most. I hate hearing this “we just didn’t vote” myth. Trump won Florida by 400,000 more votes than Obama won. Trump won PA by just 20,000 votes fewer than Obama won. Put differently, Trump would’ve beat Obama in those states. The gap in PA is so small that, with all of the Obama voters who would never have considered voting for Romney but voted for Trump, Trump would’ve won.

  5. Trump won white Millennials and Zers. That’s never talked about, never acknowledged, but guess what that’s the future Vote of the Upper Midwest and Rust Belt. That’s why I think Democrats could run up the popular vote, but lose every single time. They’ve succeeded in changing the coasts, particularly enormous metropolitan areas where they’ve moved in lots of foreigners, but that gets them no more electoral votes. Trump almost won Minnesota. Best Republican showing there since 1952.

  6. Or you could just check the website:
    In the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore. The Women’s March on Washington will send a bold message to our new government on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.

  7. It’s amazing you can conclude these marches were about abortion “primarily” seeing as that’s nowhere in the Women’s March mission statement and only briefly in one of their eight principles. But I guess you know what motivates these women better than they do.

  8. None of the people who marched have been marginalized. In fact, they have been elevated over the past 8 years. One of the reasons Trump won is because to HRC and Obama, every group EXCEPT middle Americans are supremely important, including illegal aliens and refugees. This was an election about voters who make up the bulk of the nation who have been overlooked and ignored for 8 years. The women who marched have lost NO rights in the past 3 days, nor will they.

  9. These women are just pissed off that Trump won. They have not lost any rights in the past 3 days. You know this. Nor will they. Clearly you still don’t understand why Trump won. These so-called “marginalized” groups were (and still are) vastly more important to Democrats than average Americans who comprise middle America. Your average American has gotten increasingly pissed off over the past 8 years as they saw themselves attacked as racists and every name in the book that Dems throw at them, as well as illegal aliens being given rights reserved to citizens, and floods of refugees coming into their small towns affecting their schools and communities.