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Thorner: Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Women’s Republican Club Sponsors Trump Inauguration Party



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By Nancy Thorner - 

As a member of the Women's Republican Club of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff, I signed up to attend a private Inauguration Viewing of the Swearing in Ceremony and Inaugural Address of Donald J. Trump at a local restaurant in Lake Bluff, Graffiti Grill, owned by a Club member. A brief Annual Meeting of the Club preceded the event, at which time Officers and Committee Chairmen were nominated and confirmed.

To be expected in a gathering of Republicans after President Obama's eight years in office, there was much excitement and anticipation in the room while waiting for the Swearing in Ceremony to begin. 

View President Trump's Full Inauguration Speech:  https://youtu.be/sRBsJNdK1t0

Chuck Schumer's Inauguration Transformation

It wasn't surprising when Senator Chuck Schumer's remarks as Minority Leader of the Senate during the Inaugural Ceremony sounded hollow when he spoke about following the Rule of law and what makes America great.  Schumer even had the audacity to read a letter written by Sullivan Ballou to his wife Sarah in which Ballou stated how he was willing to give his life for a cause greater than himself.  Ballou later died in the 1st Battle of Bull Run. Schumer’s Inaugural remarks were in direct contrast to those sentiments Schumer had expressed on the floor of the Senate a few days earlier when warning Trump that he should not try to jam his nominees through the Senate.  

Such double talk, whether coming from Republicans or Democrats, is one reason why voters chose Trump to be our 45th president.  Although before being sworn in Trump was criticized for his sometimes blunt remarks and rhetoric and given no chance to win, enough voters recognized that Trump would make every effort to fulfill his promises, that his rhetoric was not just idle chatter to satisfy a certain category of voters.

Putting America First vs Globalism

Deeply appreciated was Trump's promises to put the interests of America first, which represent the views of our Founding Fathers and the language of our Constitution.  Putting America first is in contrast to the idea of globalism which was nourished and promoted by the Obama administration and before that by the administrations of both Bushes and Bill Clinton.  It was G.H. Bush who enthusiastically signed on to the Earth Summit (UN Conference on Environment and Development) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. 

And who could forget the references made by President Obama when on several occasions he questioned the exceptionalism of this nation. Early in his presidency President Obama remarked how America should get over the ideal that she is anything special, as every nation thinks highly of itself.  But this nation is exceptional because more than any other nation, and because of principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence, she has a special responsibility to defend the cause of liberty at home and abroad.

Although not appreciated by those on the Left who ascribe to globalism and who, in turn, consider themselves as "citizens of the world, the far Left scoffs at the idea that God even exists.  Nonetheless, Trump's statement that Americans are "protected by God", although not politically correct, is what millions of Americans believe.  As such, Trump's acknowledgment of God was received joyfully by the event participants.  There is a common belief among conservative Republicans that God gave us the strength and the courage to fight for our freedoms by choosing a committed patriotic leader, Donald J. Trump, through our prayers and supplications to Him. By the same token, God is being asked to bless, guide and protect Donald Trump and his family. President Trump himself ensured the American people  they had nothing to fear as they were protected by the great men of the military and by God

Negative Criticism Unfounded 

More than in any previous president, six religious leaders took part in Trump's inauguration each being given 60 to 90 seconds to offer a reading or lead a prayer. Among the six was Reverend Franklin Graham.  Reverend Graham offered a lovely blessing from God when rain started to fall just as Trump stepped to the podium to speak: “In the Bible, rain is the sign of God’s blessing."  Listen here 

The negative critique of Trump's speech that came from the lips of progressives and liberals almost from the moment Trump ended his Inaugural address was not unexpected.  In this divided nation, it is almost as if the other side had heard a far different address from Republican listeners. Trump's message was summarily described by the Left as a "dark speech" which didn't explain how Trump was going to make American great again. Yet Trump did reinforce in his speech those polices upon which he had campaigned, policies that would make America great again, with assurance further given that he would carry through with his promises on issue such as school reform, which is vigorously opposed by Democrats who are aligned with teacher unions.

Rather than speak about the plight of people living in inner cities and the many burnt out factories dotting the landscape, critics, and there were many, thought Trump should have painted a rosier picture of this nation.  But aren't the American people able to handle the truth?  Many Republicans are weary of being treated like children, as when President Obama would falsely declare that the job situation was good and that the economy had improved greatly under his administration.

Misplaced Anxiety on a Celebratory Occasion?

Could the anxiety and fear many voters are presently experiencing now that Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president stem from their belief that Trump would act like a bully in the White House, an image the media was only too happy to circulate (fake news) with endless stories that portrayed Trump in extremely negative terms, while not laying a glove on Hillary before the November election. The Chicago Tribune became unreadable.

Every American should have been pleased to see that the genius of the American Experiment was on display.  The peaceful transfer of power, a model for the world as displayed by the outgoing and incoming administrations, reaffirmed this nation's uniqueness which has remained unbroken from President Washington to President Trump.

What was upsetting to liberals, progressives and Never Trump Republicans was how Trump's inauguration marked a fundamental shift in our government and the political direction of our nation, one where old rules (the status quo) no longer will hold true and political reshuffling will happen.  President Trump is also unlike any other president in our nation's history.  He is the first president not to come from a political or military background.  Trump is likewise of a different composition than former presidents.  He will not be intimidated or bullied by the entrenched Establishment that is determined to fight Trump to keep its stranglehold on power.  Instead of trying to make nice with the town that has done so much to destroy this nation, Trump boldly declared war on it.  

Trump Declares Time for Action

As Trump stated in his Inaugural address, which was both a populist and a patriotic speech:

"The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs," Trump said. "And while they celebrated in our nation's capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land."

Trump declared that the time for empty talk is over. "Whether black or brown or white we all bleed the same blood of patriots. We all salute the same American flag.  Together we will make American Great Again". . . "If we have an open heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice."

Trump's considers his election a movement that the world has never seen before.  As far as Trump's own goals: he wants to be remembered, not by his oratory, but by his deeds.  Trump offered these two rules to follow:  “BUY AMERICAN” and “HIRE AMERICAN.”

It is important in the first 100 days for Trump to keep Republicans unified, for there are Republicans who have voiced opposition over some of Trump's promises and/or the way Trump intends to fulfill them.  Those who now oppose Trump on the Right and the Left will have to decide whether they want to continue to work against or help Trump make this nation great again.  It is easy to underestimate and misunderstand Trump, but he is a man of his word.

President Trump's legacy is likely to resemble the following when his presidency ends in either one or two terms: 

Erasing the fool-hearty legacy established by President Barack Hussein Obama during his two terms in office, and, together with and for  the people, enacted policies to make America strong again, wealthy again, proud again, safe again, and GREAT AGAIN.

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Republican Women's Club of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff President Peggy Siebert

Results of January 20, 2017 election of the Republican Women's Club of Lake Forest/Lake Bluff


  • President  Peggy Siebert
  • First Vice President  Michelle Parnell
  • Second Vice President  Hilary Till
  • Recording Secretary  Susan Somberg
  • Treasurer  Diane Kledzik

Standing Committees:

  • Candidates: Lisa Roti
  • Membership:  Carolyn Ashley
  • Parliamentary:  Pat Falkowski
  • Publicity:  Angie Sage
  • Telephone/Email:  Beth Barger
  • Voter's Service:  Jennifer Neubauer
  • Newsletter:  Nancy Thorner
  • At Large: Betsy Thurman


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