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Understanding Russia Today: Russia’s Many Revisions




Russia is still a problem. Frederick Kagan outlines a program for dealing with Russia: “[Vladimir Putin] is redefining Russian identity in the terms the tsars used in the 19th Century—Russian Orthodoxy, nationalism, and strong government (they called it autocracy, but he does not). He claims the right to renegotiate the terms of the bad deals Russia made with the post-Soviet states, by force if necessary. He cites the plight of ethnic Russians in the new republics as justification for eroding or even erasing the sovereignty of those states. He seeks to restore Russia to the position of global eminence it had as the Soviet Union by re-establishing its positions in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. He stokes conflict with the West to distract it from these endeavors even as he blames the West for inventing the hostility he has created. The West cannot appease its way out of this crypto-war. Putin requires conflict to justify his rule at home and his actions in the territory of the former Soviet Union. […] The West, with the United States at its head, must rather persuade Putin and the Russian people to accept the terms they themselves negotiated for the post-Cold War settlement—or renegotiate those terms on an equal basis and in peace with their neighbors. We must persuade Russia that it will lose another confrontation, and that the consequences of another loss will be even worse than those of 1991. We must cajole Russia into developing a new national identity not bound in the subjugation of a large empire and military might but rather as a peaceful democratic state with an ancient tradition and a future of hope.”

More at American Enterprise Institute


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  1. As usual from AEI this sounds like it could have been written by Hilary Clinton or John McCain. The American people do not want a confrontation with Russia. This was a major issue in the campaign and they let their voice be heard.

  2. Do they want a Russian puppet who has already indicated the FBI and CIA need to “revamped” and “trimmed” down? Thats right you man Trump wants to weaken American intelligence… why?
    Trump keep lying and lying and lying and protecting Putin.? why?
    Why does Trump attack american citizens and american intelligence? While protecting Putin? How much does he owe Russians?
    You are a fool if you think Russia is here to help.

  3. “fool” said the fool who couldn’t spell or punctuate in the same post. A Chicago Public School graduate. A Soros paid hack. A BLMKidnapping shill.
    The Russian puppet lost the election.
    Surprised you support the “intelligence” community. How many of those WMDs did they find, anyway? The American people are tired of fighting your silly wars for non-existent WMDs.
    Then there was the time they convinced Obama that ISIS was the JV team.
    Oh, and how about that time the bald liar Clapper answered “No sir” to the question “Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions, or hundreds of millions of Americans?”
    Congratulations on supporting this group of criminals against freedom and peace. This is what the American people voted against.