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Illinois Policy Institute: Balancing Illinois’ budget without tax hikes




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  1. Ok here we go again, half truths by Illinois Policy Institue. Tell that blond she did not address the 5 Billion dollars payed by Illinois Taxpayers for the FREE services for illegal aliens. Where does that 5 billion dollars fit in? Also when talking about State workers, tell the truth. The ones with the BIG PENSIONS are gone! They have already retired! The new ones coming in can have their pensions plans revised bot most of the high paid State worker pensions have hit the road. They are living high off the hog. Don’t talk about the current workers who have not had a raise in 4 yrs! And the State is collecting for their health care but the State is NOT paying any of the Healthcare bills. That is why all State workers are being asked to pay up front. Then WHY are they paying their premiums if the State will not pay their healthcare bills??