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Prolife group calls on Illinois governor to veto taxpayer abortion funding bill




SPRINGFIELD – Governor Rauner's been skiing in Utah, he told Chicago NBC's Mary Ann Ahern Wednesday morning, so maybe that's why he's remained uncommitted on a House bill that would require state taxpayers to fund Medicaid abortions. 

But the Illinois Right to Life is calling on the governor to make his position known. Pro-lifers backed the governor in 2014 because their state leadership assured them Rauner was privately against abortion – despite the fact he and his wife Diana financially support groups that promote unlimited abortions. 

Illinois Right to Life is asking for financial donations to place the following ad on stations throughout the state, calling on the governor to oppose HB 40. 

Right To Life Ad

Why isn't Governor Rauner opposing this bill, they asked in an email Tuesday: 

Shockingly, Governor Bruce Rauner refuses to publicly oppose this outrageous abortion expanding bill!

That's why we have to act fast and tell the Governor right now: if this bill makes it to your desk, we demand a quick and full veto.

The Republican governor's position on HB 40 could be crucial to his 2018 re-election efforts. He already lost support from religious conservatives when he signed into law a measure that requires religious convictions be set aside if they disagree with Illinois law.

Earlier in February, eighteen Illinois women’s health organizations filed suit against Governor Bruce Rauner over Illinois’ new law forcing pro-life doctors and pregnancy resource centers to discuss abortion benefits and refer pregnant women for abortions despite their conscience-based opposition to abortion. 

The controversial SB 1564, which amended the Health Care Right of Conscience Act effective January 1, 2017, has left Illinois’ over 90 not-for-profit pregnancy resource centers with little choice but to file suit seeking a judicial determination that the law unconstitutionally abridges their free speech and interferes with their religious beliefs.


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  1. Oh, if only I had a dollar for each time I heard “At least with Rauner we will have a seat at the table” – I would have a nice little nest egg!
    It saddened me that pro-lifers were convinced to set aside their convictions to help elect Rauner; especially after the email from Diane Rauner to her pro-abortion allies became public – bragging about this very deception to the voters.
    I hope pro-lifers have learned their lesson; unfortunately it seems that the lesson may come at the expense of personhood being taken away from the unborn and we taxpayers footing the bill to kill even more babies.

  2. Billionaire RINO Bruce Rauner is Pro-Abortion and Pro-Illegal Immigration. Watch for his rubber-stamp signature on this bill. Then get ready for him to sign legislation declaring Illinois a “sanctuary state”