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Gutierrez condemns Trump Admin for wielding “meat axe” to community trust



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CHICAGO – During a visit with the League of United Latin American Citizens Wednesday, Congressman Luis Gutierrez (IL-04) Tweeted out a photo and a snarky comment about the president and his advisors: 

On #immigration, Pres. Bannon & his spokesman Trump will weaken USA & make borders, cities less safe

The congressman then linked to a statement posted on his congressional website Wednesday about the Trump Administration's latest immigration action, saying "We cannot sit by as our government comes for parents, puts children in foster care, and takes a meat axe to the trust built up over years between the police and the communities they protect and serve."

Gutierrez comments are raising concern that he may be stricken with a new psychological phenomena being diagnosed by professionals: PESD – Post-Election Stress Disorder. 

Gutierrez' off-the-wall comments show increasing anxiety in light of the Trump Administration's efforts to protect Americans from those who would seek to harm them:

Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly has come into office pledging to destroy millions of American families and implement the Bannon purge of immigrants from America.  Just vowing to round-up and deport a population roughly the size of Pennsylvania or Georgia indicates that this Administration is unhinged and has a shaky grasp of reality. 

Bannon, Sessions and Trump know they don’t have the resources to round-up and deport ten million immigrants, so they are strategically injecting fear into immigrant communities and making the police, churches, and the courts danger-zones for immigrants.  They want to turn the American people against immigration by driving home the lie that immigrants are a criminal element that detract from, rather than enrich, American life. 

The strategy is based on hostility, vengeance, and the fiction that millions of people who have lived here for decades will abandon areas of the country where they and their children feel unsafe.  You could call it a strategy of attrition through terror, instituted at a time when illegal migration is historically low, crime is extraordinarily low, and the federal budget, courts, and workforce are all strapped practically to the breaking point.

President Bannon and his spokesman Donald Trump will weaken the country and make our borders and cities less safe.

We are seeing a huge surge in Chicago of people seeking citizenship for themselves and family members with lines stretching out the door of my District Office.  Legal, long-term immigrants are seeking information on how they protect themselves and their loved ones. 

In Chicago and in communities across the country, Americans are also organizing to undermine the deportation force coming to break up families.  We cannot sit by as our government comes for parents, puts children in foster care, and takes a meat axe to the trust built up over years between the police and the communities they protect and serve.

Butierrez' criticism of the Obama Administration's deportations was harsh, but not as strident as his most recent comments.


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  1. Gutierrez is actually bad for immigration.He creates hostility with his over dramatic spins on everything.If you listen to him you would think the biggest problem with the America is it has too many Americans in it.He’s an extremist jerk.The nasty truth is that before the big wave in Mexican immigrants this country did work without them.The other nasty truth is The U.S, isnt whats wrong with Mexico and its not the nasty environment,its their own damned fault.The other nasty truth is that its the generosity of the U.S.people that has allowed Mexicans to be the largest immigrant group in the world.