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Shimkus supports stepped up vetting process for those seeking entry to U.S.




MARYVILLE – In the midst of the weekend's controversy over President Donald Trump's executive order to temporarily halt those pursuing entry to the U.S. from seven countries affiliated with terrorist threats, Congressman John Shimkus (R, Illinois-15) announced general support for the stepped up effort.

Shimkus said he supports vetting to ensure foreign nationals wanting to enter the U.S. are not a security threat.

“My record on this issue is clear, and has not changed: I support a vetting process that ensures every refugee, migrant or foreign national is not a security threat prior to his or her admission to the United States," Shimkus said in a statement issued Sunday. "That’s why I supported bipartisan legislation to stop the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees until our nation’s top security officials can be certain that each individual poses no threat to our homeland. 

 Shimkus said that the world has grown more dangerous, and enemies of the U.S. have become more emboldened in the last eight years.

"It would be irresponsible to ignore these threats, and to allow our inadequate screening of those entering our country from unstable or hostile regions to continue as is," the statement said.

The temporary halt will allow Congress and the new Administration time to evaluate and improve the vetting process, and in the meantime allow Secretary Kelly authority to grant exceptions to the restrictions as needed.

Shimkus said green card holders, who have already undergone extensive screening, should be exempted from the pause. 

“America is an extraordinarily compassionate country, and we should continue to use our unique capabilities to help those in need around the world," Shimkus said. "So far we have contributed more resources to help Syrian civilians than any other nation, more than $4.5 billion since the start of the crisis. We should continue to provide humanitarian assistance, not only together as a nation, but individually to any of the dozens of non-governmental and faith-based aide organizations doing important work there.

Shimkus reiterated his longheld position that the most immediate way the U.S. can help refugees fleeing Iraq and Syria is "to establish and guarantee safe havens within the region where they can receive vital humanitarian assistance.”


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  1. What? Supporting the so-called Muslim ban Is unethical and unconstitutional. This is not “vetting” – it’s bigotry, nothing else. Strangely, your multiple voicemail boxes are full, or I’d be calling myself 😉

  2. It is not a “Muslim” ban. It is a pause in allowing refugees from 7 countries from entering the nation, just like Obama did in 2011 when he paused refugees from Iraq. I suppose Obama was bigoted, unethical and unconstitutional. It is not unconstitutional. The U.S. is a sovereign nation and has the right to restrict who comes into our country.

  3. Where in the constitution does it say we cannot ban muslims?? We don’t have to commit suicide by allowing muslim terrorists into America, you have no idea what you’re talking about!
    Muslim is not an ethnicity, it is a condition of being a believer of Islam. The Quran is the Mein Kampf of the religious world. It instructs Muslims to degrade, humiliate, oppress, enslave, and slaughter non-believers throughout the entire book. It is 114 Suras of irrational hate, oppression, intolerance, violence and bigotry. Islam is a barbaric political ideology, not a real religion at all. The Quran, shariah and the Constitution cannot coexist, they are fundamentally opposed to each other. Islam, like Nazi fascism must be destroyed!
    Are the Crusades the Moral Equivalent of Muslim Jihad? No, the crusades were a defensive reaction to muslim Jihad; lasted for 300 years and ended 800 years ago. Muslim jihad has went on for 1400 years and is still going on today!
    Did you know: The word Islam means submission to Allah, and a Muslim is one who has submitted to Allah. Islam believes there will be world peace when the whole world submits to the will of Allah. Islam is a religion of peace, it is just the Islamic definition of “peace” is different. To someone raised in Western Civilization, “peace” is different groups getting along. In Islam, “peace” is when everyone has submitted to Allah. To a Muslim, “world peace” means “world Islam.” That is the measure of their intolerance towards other religion!
    There is no moderate Islam or radical Islam… there is only Islam.