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Former Illinois Comptroller lands another government job as Deputy Governor



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CHICAGO – Governor Bruce Rauner on Friday announced that former Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger has been named Deputy Governor, a job that pays $135,000 annually in tax dollars.

“Leslie’s vast business, human services and government experiences make her uniquely qualified to serve in this important role,” Rauner said. “We are thrilled that she has agreed to return to public service and bring people together to find long-term solutions for our state and its residents.”

According to a press release from the Governor's office, Munger "will add her voice to the state’s budget discussions and work with nonprofit leaders to address their challenges and increase their financial security."

“I love Illinois, I was born and raised here, educated here, and my husband and I chose to raise our family here,” Munger said. “I am excited to use my skills and experience to help get our state back on track, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work to bring financial strength to state government and ensure that Illinois lives up to the promises it has made to our human service organizations.”


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  1. Great move Governor Rauner! Leslie Munger has so much wisdom and our state needs people with wisdom very much right now. I especially like the idea that the Evil Michael Madigan and his hack Susan Mendoza will have to see Leslie’s lovely face and be confronted by her voice in Springfield! They thought they could shut her up and make her “go away”. Gosh, Evil Michael Madigan—could it be that you’re losing some of your mojo?

  2. I was glad to see that a common sense woman like Leslie Munger was retained by Governor Rauner to help the state of Illinois. It is in a different capacity than the one she formerly handled as our state comptroller but at least she and her skill-set has been retained to aid Governor Bruce Rauner.

  3. I guess I’m the only person that remembers how Leslie Munger prioritized state payments to Planned Parenthood when disabled kids and their families were put on the back burner.
    Can’t poor mouth about how we need taxpayers to ante up more when the governor can’t save tax dollars by eliminating ONE fluff job. Please, folks – you’re setting aside your principles because Leslie’s a nice lady? Really??

  4. Give me a break here people! Didn’t Rauner say he was going to put an end to patronage hiring? Clean up Springfield? Haven’t Republicans been complaining about this type of hiring by the Democrats for years?? What if Madigan had hired one of his state reps who lost in the previous election for a $100,000+ a year state job he created? Would the reaction still be the same here?
    Oh the hypocrisy- it’s bad/evil if the Democrats do it, but awe inspiring if Republicans do?

  5. It’s NOT corruption and cronyism if BRUCE RAUNER does it!
    Bruce Rauner has TRIPLED his personal income since becoming Governor. Bruce Rauner hired a taxpayer-funded $105,000-a-year ‘chief of staff’ FOR HIS WIFE. Bruce Rauner hired TWENTY-THREE of Leslie Munger’s out-of-work insider staffers, after she lost her Comptroller election, and gave them all NEW State Government positions. Now, Bruce Rauner has hired Leslie herself as ‘deputy governor,’ while still keeping Rauner crony Evelyn Sanguinetti in her do-nothing, $6 million-a-year taxpayer-funded ‘Lieutenant Governor’ office.
    Because Bruce Rauner is Drainin’ the Swamp of Cronyism for YOU – and fillin’ it backup up for HIM. GO RAUNER!!!!!!!!!