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Rhoads: The myth of “settled science”



By Mark Rhoads Climate-change

For several years I have been suspicious of the agenda of so-called "climate change" scientists because they always claim that only their side of the climate change debate is "settled science" and cannot be questioned by other scientists who have doubts. They ridicule any dissenter as a "climate change denier" who is probably paid by energy companies. This "settled science" claim is found only in the climate debate.

All other fields of study are open to free and fair debate and challenge by all scientists.  For example, over the last 30 years astronomers have several times revised their estimates of the age of the universe but no one ever accuses them of being "age of universe deniers."  

They simply draw new temporary conclusions about how old the universe is until newer data might force them to conclude the universe is older than a previous estimate. If new data finds a new or unusual use for an old drug, no one claims the research of other medical researchers may never be challenged due to "settled science."

What if the "settled science" people in climate change are themselves a "cult" that needs to be exposed?

Click Here to read an outstanding editorial from Investors Business Daily about the climate change cult. 


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  1. I wouldn’t say that “climate science” is the ONLY field in which the “settled science” claim is invoked to shut off discussion. There’s plenty of that attitude to be seen amongst those pushing mandatory vaccinations as well. They pooh-pooh any link between autism and vaccines, and refuse to entertain any doubts as to the safety and/or efficacy of vaccines. Furthermore, they attempt to bully parents who balk at the idea of injecting vaccines full of heavy metals into young babies and children, whose brains and bodies are still developing.

  2. Science is never “settled”. At one time, scientists all agreed with Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Then a guy by the name of Einstein came along and declared it was incorrect. It took nearly 100 years before Einsteins gravitational theory could be proven by detecting gravitational waves.
    The only thing about climate science that is “settled” is that leftists agree a massive, new government program is required with lot’s of regulations and should be run by Sophisticated Affluent People, or SAPs for short.

  3. A chap named Galileo challenged the “settled science” regarding the structure of the universe, and spent the remainder of his life under house arrest. (Actually he challenged the biblical account and proposed a reconciliation with the facts. For the latter he was convicted of heresy.)
    The whole “climate change” issue has taken on the robes of a religious order, one in charge of a modern Inquisition against “non believers.”

  4. Settled Science is inherently flawed statement based on the assumption of conditions not changing, when in fact, everything is in a constant state of change. The only two constants that I can think of are God and Change. I guess if someone were a Heathen then the only constsant would be Change itself. Cheers.