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Tunnels of Oppression expose ‘privileged’ students to ‘dehumanization’



Several schools are hosting “Tunnels of Oppression,” where students experience simulated acts of racism, misogyny, and more so that they can “recognize their own privilege.”

Lee University’s Residential Life and Housing and Student Leadership Council will be hosting its fourth annual iteration of the event on Friday, during which participants will go on an interactive tour that exposes them to a different type of oppression in each room, including ”racial, sexual, mental, and societal oppression.”

Other schools host their own versions of the Tunnel, as well, though the exact nature of the exercise varies.

Below is a video from the 2010 Tunnel of Oppression at Southern Illinois University in which students are subjected to verbal abuse by university employees.



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  1. This is going on from elementary school on through university and it is, quite frankly, denigration of white students and particularly, white males. It is a function of what the leftists call “critical race theory.”
    I find it disgusting that Republican pols and their supporters are afraid to defund these schools – or even mention this egregious anti-white racism. Sooner or later, if they don’t act, somethin’s gonna give.

  2. Wasting students’ time and taxpayers’ money pushing “touchy-feely” crap like this is why some students graduate from high school without the abilities needed to earn a living, or without the critical tools of reasoning needed to participate in governing this republic.
    How often have we read of high school graduates who could,’t even read their own diploma!